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Organisational Environment:

Mercury is the European leader in construction solutions. 

We build and manage complex engineering & construction projects for the world’s leading corporations. Our solutions help deliver technologies and life changing advancements that connect people, communities and businesses, giving them the power to achieve incredible things. Our people have the courage to be innovative. Their determination and sharp focus enable us to deliver with certainty, time and time again. 

We deliver our clients’ visions through leading edge construction solutions across multiple sectors, including: Enterprise Data Centres, Advanced Technology & Life Sciences, Hyperscale Data Centres, Fire Protection, and Technical Support Services (TSS). 

At Mercury, it is our duty to encourage and back our people to realise their vision of themselves. We place them at the heart of what we do, providing challenging opportunities to develop within a great team in a supportive environment that allows them to reach their full potential.


Scope of the Role:

The Role of “Business Unit Head of Commissioning” shall see Commissioning (Cx) services support delivered to each project in a standardised way.

This Business Unit level role is designed to ensure that all projects are executing Cx Services in accordance with the Group Commissioning guidelines, regional requirements, and the project specific employers’ requirements.

The role shall report to the respective Business Unit Managing Director, however, will also have several responsibilities and deliverables set out by the Group Head of Commissioning.


Key Responsibilities of the Role:

  • Responsible for ensuring all Group Commissioning policies and procedures are understood, communicated, and executed at a site level within their respective Business Unit. These deliverables shall be audited on each project by the Business Unit Head of Commissioning via BIM360 and reported monthly.
  • Shall be responsible for ensuring that all Projects complete a Commissioning KPI Audit monthly. Note that these audits shall be scored and shall be presented within the month end reports per project within the Business unit. Actions as result of a non-compliance of the audit must be addressed within the month or based on the severity of the non-compliance may be required to close out prior to the next KPI reporting instance. The BU Head of Commissioning shall be responsible for managing these items closed with the respective site team.
  • Responsible to ensure that all projects adhere to group safety policies and procedures pertaining to the Control of Hazardous Energies. All plans, methodologies and programmes produced must consider the aforementioned procedure and any related standards.
  • Support Estimation at a business unit level in terms of Cx programme, resource strategy and pricing at tender stage. Shall prepare and deliver a standard presentation on Commissioning strategy.
  • Deliver and report out at month end meetings regarding BU Cx Performance.
  • Assist in the talent acquisition process to support project needs within each sub-business Unit. Shall develop the Roles & Responsibilities for each position required as standard, interview each candidate alongside the Business Unit Talent Acquisition Manager and Human Resource Business Partner [HRBP]. The Business Unit Head of Commissioning shall have final decision on selection and shall be the Line manager for each Cx PM within each of the business units.
  • Work with the respective sub-business unit leads and Project Directors to resource each project in the most cost effective and effective way to deliver to the contract remit for QA/Cx and in line with the Mercury Group Commissioning Strategy.
  • Shall be responsible for selecting the right resource strategy for each project i.e., outsource vs. in house approach to AP, CxPM [Mech, Electrical, Controls etc.], Cx Admin roles. If external resource strategy is the best option suited to delivering a particular project, the Business Unit Head of Commissioning shall be responsible for writing the scope that clearly outlines the deliverables over time, and further detailed responsibilities in relation to Commissioning, Safety and Quality. The scope in all cases should be tendered in line with group policy [3 quotes] where feasible. The Business Unit Head of Commissioning shall support the Commercial and operations team in the tender process to ensure that there are no scope gaps or shortfall in expectations as set out within the contract to Mercury by the client.
  • Establish an “Onboarding” pack for the Business unit to ensure standardisation and support for new personnel joining the Business Unit. All functions should understand Commissioning, be familiar with the objectives and their roles in support the process throughout the project lifecycle. It is crucial that this onboarding material is developed and made available to each new starter in your business unit.
  • Responsible for the onboarding of all projects within the Business Unit to the Group Commissioning Digital Environment. This is a Mercury bespoke platform designed to support our construction and commissioning teams to deliver their respective packages in a consistent way that improves predictability on key milestones. It is the Business Unit Cx Managers role to ensure that the project load template is completed comprehensively to allow the group Digital Transformation lead launch the project. Coordination with the Project manager, Planner, Quality and Design is required. System training shall be provided by the Group Digital Transformation leads; however, it is the responsibility of the BU Cx Manager and the respective Project Manager for the to monitor and ensure that all construction and commissioning personnel updating the system daily in relation to the following items.
    • Checklist progress and completions
    • IRL Management
    • Updating Asset tag Status
    • Updating forecast dates per Cx level per asset
    • Updating constraints to systems and assets
  • Actively support each project Commissioning Manager to ensure that they are onboarded on time and comprehensively. It is the responsibility of the Business Unit Head of Commissioning to ensure that the following is set in place for each project within the Business Unit. These deliverables shall require coordination and support from other BU functions to develop.
    • Onboarding Pack for Commissioning Managers and CxPM’ s [Commissioning Package managers] joining the project. This pack should detail the group expectations for each role as well as the project specific R&R.
    • *Work with the Project lead and Cx Managers to Coordinate and set up the Commissioning Digital Environment [CxDE] on BIM360 Next Gen.
    • Ensure that the project Cx Managers have R&R set out clearly for all CxPM’s [Mech, Elect, BAS/EPMS on the project including the deliverables.
    • Work with the project Cx Managers to ensure that all Commissioning personnel have appropriate access provided to the CxDE, BIM360 and any other relevant client platforms to access the project works information [design, construction, quality, safety etc.]
    • Chair and minute a Kick Off Meeting with each project Commissioning team to review the Group Commissioning RACI Matrix and lessons learned. MOM’s to be saved to the CDE [BIM360].
    • Align on the R&R within the Group Commissioning RACI Matrix with the client and client consultant.
  • Actively participate in Design Reviews, constructability reviews and Commissionability reviews per Project to ensure that all technical aspects are covered off in the Cx Plan, method statements/scripts and Commissioning schedule. The Project Cx Manager shall be responsible for writing the project specific Commissioning plan; however, the Business Unit Head of Commissioning shall review and sign off to ensure that BU and group lessons learned, and client requirements are incorporated fully.
  • Responsible for collating the monthly commissioning report per project – This information shall be taken from the Commissioning Power BI report for projects that have started up in the Mercury Commissioning Digital Environment [CxDE]. For projects not started up in CxDE a standardised report format shall be agreed with group head of Commissioning.
  • Attend each project in an appropriate rotation in the month. It is understood that some projects may require more support over others, however, a standard attendance shall be set and agreed with Line Manager. Weekly travel is required to mainland Europe.
  • Attend the Business Unit Month end report meetings.
  • **Set goals and deliverables annually within the Mercury People Platform [MPP] system for all repartees to ensure that each individual project Cx Manager is measured against expectation as set out in the group Commissioning Guidelines.
  • Responsible for Managing vendor relationships and escalation points within the Business Unit from a Commissioning perspective.
  • Responsible for establishing Client Specific benchmarking in terms of duration and sequencing for commissioning systems. These deliverables will aid the Business Unit commercial team in pricing future projects and increase the value of project programmes.


Essential Criteria for the Role:

1. Experience:

  • 10+ years of experience directly related to mission critical facilities or data centre infrastructure.
  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical/electrical engineering or relevant discipline
  • 5+ years of commissioning experience
  • Certification or training specific to NETA, ASHRAE, or Commissioning specific education courses.
  • European Travel weekly


2. Desirable Qualifications:

  • Project Management certification equal or equivalent to PMP [Project Management Professional].
  • Advanced knowledge Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel, Outlook required; advanced knowledge of SharePoint (or similar) preferred.
  • Effective communication skills, detail oriented, highly organized, and able to work in high stress environments to maintain calm and respectful interaction with multiple teams.
  • Advance knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and controls systems for critical infrastructures
  • Ability to read and edit construction documents (design drawings, control diagrams, specifications, etc.)


Mercury is an equal opportunities employer

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