Mercury site facilities around the world

Your Vision, Our Duty

We deliver our clients’ vision through leading edge construction solutions. Our commitment to the client puts them at the centre of everything and positions Mercury as a strategic partner.

We encourage and back our people to realise their vision of themselves. We place them at the heart of what we do, providing challenging opportunities to develop within a great team in a supportive environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

We go beyond the call of duty with a bold promise that Mercury will always deliver. This serious dedication turns clients into partners, people into teams, and builds relationships that thrive.


Mercury’s culture has always been deeply rooted in its rigorous approach to ensuring employee safety and wellbeing, as well as living our values of WorkSafe, HomeSafe, Brave, Dynamic, and Make It Happen.




Safety is our anchor value. It underpins everything that we do. It’s a mindset that’s firmly fixed in every individual, team and rank throughout Mercury.

Safety is embedded in our DNA. It’s the bedrock of our delivery, training and processes. We insist that it is a fundamental component of every facet of our business. We never, ever take this for granted.

Without our people we are nothing. This fact means that every individual within Mercury is accountable. Safety isn’t just our policy, it’s our duty.


We believe you have to be brave to achieve incredible things. Bold and confident, we’re proud of who we are and our plans for the future. We stand over everything we say and do, commit through logic, only deliver certainty.

We’re direct and to the point because we respect our clients, their time and needs. We think through their lens, continually looking for ways to transcend industry norms. With a generous spirit and vibrant energy, hard work is made easy because we genuinely enjoy what we do.

Being Brave at Mercury
Being Dynamic at Mercury


As market leaders, we redefine industry standards. We’re a global player with powerful capabilities, yet it is our agility that sets us apart. We adapt quickly, unafraid of change because we understand its true potential. We are strategic and make calculated decisions that will benefit in the long term.

It starts with our people and our entrepreneurial spirit. It challenges us, pushing us to new territories, roles and ways of delivery. A commitment to partnership means we balance ambition with accountability. It lives in every individual, team and rank throughout Mercury.


No matter the client or sector, we always deliver. It’s our commitment and promise because success is the only option for us. We enable our people to reach their potential everyday, so our partners only get the very best.

We appreciate that a reputation can be lost in a moment, it keeps us pushing forward, never complacent. It’s our delivery, training, processes that make it happen. This relentless dedication earns a trust, security and assurance that is second to none. It turns clients into partners and builds relationships that grow and prosper with time.

Making it Happen at Mercury