Our Sustainability Statement

Mercury published our sustainability strategy Our Planet, Our Duty promising to create a more sustainable environment around us. We are committed to adopting and promoting good corporate governance approaches across all our business activities and operations. This includes guaranteeing a safe and sustainable environment for our clients, employees and value chain partners and upholding our responsibilities as a member of the local community and society as a whole. Our Sustainability Statement outlines our commitment as a responsible business.

Read our Annual Sustainability Report - May 2023
Read our full Sustainability Statement

Materiality Survey Sets Our Priorities

We refreshed our materiality survey with key stakeholders, and we plan to continue this practice every two years. The results are important in prioritising our sustainability objectives for the forthcoming years.

Sustainability KPI Framework

Our strategic plan and materiality survey results led us to the KPI Framework we use to show our specific ambitions more clearly and identify the KPIs we would track over time to demonstrate achievements in each focus area.

Sustainability KPI Framework