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Mercury supports charities in Milan that bring pivotal contributions to the community

Author: Matthew Geraghty  /  3rd Nov, 2022  /  News, Responsible Business

As part of our ongoing commitment to the communities that we operate in, the planet at large, and an adherence to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we have been working hard to ensure that our corporate giving efforts respond to the needs of local communities and address the societal challenges that impact them. 

Mercury has a sizeable presence in Milan, with almost 40 direct staff working across a range of high-level, complex projects. It is crucial to us that we not only excel in the marketplace, but also in terms of doing our best to give back to and help the community that we are operating in. Mercury has been supporting three non-profit organisations in Milan, Italy: Ronda Carita Solidarieta (Ronda), Opera San Francesco (OSF), and DARE (Corvetto Digital School Programme). They are based in the city centre and tackle the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of ‘Zero Hunger’, ‘No Poverty’, and ‘Quality Education.’ 

The Ronda charity was founded in 1998 by Magda Baietta to bring food, emergency clothing, and general assistance to the people of Milan who are facing homelessness. Each year, they support approximately 500 homeless people with their mobile street unit. They also distribute food packages to families struggling to make ends meet, or elderly people who may be incapable of fully caring for themselves. 

Meanwhile, the Opera San Francesca (OSF), founded in 1959 by the Capuchin Friars of Viale Piave, offers crucial supports to the poor of Milan. At OSF’s centre, services including hot meals, showers, and places to rest are provided. Such offerings are only possible as a result of the unwavering loyalty of their committed volunteers. Their cloakroom service works not only to provide the homeless with clothing, but also offers them agency and human dignity during a time when much of their agency has been taken away. This assistance allows Milan’s homeless people to play an active role in their own decision making and choose their own clothing and footwear.  

Corvetto Digital School is a physical and virtual space for boys and girls aged 13 to 16 from the Corvetto neighbourhood in Milan. The school helps teenagers learn new kills such as coding and creating small functional apps. 25% of the neighbourhood’s population is made up of inhabitants from foreign locations, and unemployment here is higher than the average for the rest of Milan. This quality education offered to local children gives them a much-improved chance of a satisfying future with enhanced digital skills. 

Mercury is proud to support these volunteer-led charities who consistently care for Milan’s local population. We are cognisant of our responsibilities as a member of the community, and through our actions we’re determined to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, our employees, our business partners, and the environment. 


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