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Michela Traversone, Group Procurement Manager, Enterprise
Michela Traversone, Group Procurement Manager, Enterprise 
Tracking value chain progress with our sustainability scorecard
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  5th May, 2022  /  News, Responsible Business

At Mercury, we’re committed to the responsible and ethical procurement of goods and materials. As our supply-chain grows, it’s more important than ever to have a robust sourcing policy in place.  

We have chosen EcoVadis, a recognised platform, to document Mercury’s efforts in sustainable procurement, and to monitor the progress of our key supply-chain partners. All Mercury buyers have received training on how to use this platform to achieve our sustainable procurement goals. 

We are proud to be among thousands of the world’s leading companies, who are utilising the EcoVadis platform, which provides a third-party evaluation of the practices and outcomes that are employed in the areas of ethics, labour, human rights, environment and sustainable procurement. 

Mercury is using this platform to monitor the ratings of our top tier suppliers and subcontractors, with over 30% of our tier 1 suppliers now on the EcoVadis platform. It is our ambition to continue towards our goal of reaching 100% onboard, by the end of 2022 and are assisting our suppliers, where needed, in completing their questionnaires.  

In construction, relations with supply-chain members have previously been predominantly contractual in nature. However, in the fast-changing world of today, presenting new risks and opportunities, a responsible partnership also means to be supportive and collaborative in reaching mutual sustainable outcomes, while meeting client expectations. 

In addition to our goals of maximizing the platform to understand the supply chain journey of our tier 1 value chain partners, we also monitor all suppliers’ and subcontractors’ commitment to our Mercury Code of Conduct for suppliers and subcontractors which is important to us in ensuring that minimum requirements and compliance items, such as preventing modern slavery, fraud and other ethical principles are being adhered to. 

Of increasing importance to our clients, is diversity in the ownership and executive management structure of companies that we use in our supply-chain. Our clients often seek information regarding our level of project expenditure with supply-chain companies that demonstrate commitment to diversity at the highest levels. We are capturing this data to support our execution of projects.

We are adopting the principles and practices outlined in ISO 20400:2017 which provides guidance to organisations, independent of their activity or size, on integrating sustainability within procurement, as also described in ISO 26000. It is intended for stakeholders involved in, or impacted by, procurement decisions and processes. 

By only partnering with the best, exceptional quality standards are seen across every element of the construction programme, while completing projects in a manner that is more sustainable.

Michela Traversone, Group Procurement Manager, Enterprise said: “World events have dramatically impacted the supply-chain and in some cases, we are building new supply-chain relationships. We also noticed a big variance in our supply-chain between companies that are quite accomplished in meeting client needs for sustainable procurement outcomes, and those who haven’t started yet. All of this makes it even more vital for us to better understand the abilities and progress of our supply-chain. Our aim remains to support our supply partners on their sustainability journeys and to work with them as they strive to implement improvements along the way.” 


We believe that we each have a role to play in contributing to the sustainable development of our planet. With this in mind, we have launched Our Planet, Our Duty, our Responsible Business plan. Our Planet, Our Duty is our promise to help create a more sustainable environment around us. It forms one of the foundation blocks of Beyond50, our five year plan to push further and take Mercury beyond our 50th year in business.

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