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Empowering the next generation: Supporting access to education throughout key European regions

We are proud to support a number of schools and charitable organisations throughout Europe, in their mission to provide students with valuable IT skills and education opportunities.

Mercury’s corporate giving efforts for 2022 set new standards for giving back and supporting the communities that we operate in. We increased our giving budget by 60%, pledging €400,000 of support to 40+ non-profit organisations throughout 10 European countries.

The wellbeing of local communities’ marks one of our four key sustainability duties, and our corporate giving efforts align with several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including ‘Quality Education,” which focuses on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education, while promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Many of the organisations we support in Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Spain are working hard to make education more accessible to children and those who are facing poverty, while reducing the numbers of school dropouts in disadvantaged areas. These charities offer a variety of services from assistance with completing homework, to providing people with the chance to earn career-changing qualifications and IT skills.

Read about some of the education-focused organisations that we support below.

Dare – Milan | Italy

This is a non-profit organisation that supports educational programmes in Milan, including school drop-out prevention and digital skills training. The Corvetto Digital School is designed to enhance social cohesion and self-esteem in children most likely to drop out of school. Students receive training from digital experts over the course of the twelve months. After completion, each student receives certification and the IT equipment they used during their training to enhance future learning both in school, and beyond.

The Fundación Tajamar – Madrid | Spain

Based in the Tajamar district of Madrid, this charity focuses on providing high-quality education to young people in the Spanish capital. This foundation promotes and encourages excellence in education, by supporting teaching and offering educational, social, cultural, and training activities in the area. In Tajamar, school dropout rates are at almost 22%, and this programme aims to support access to education for those from financially challenged families.

Apprentis D’Auteuil – Paris | France

Dating back to 1886, this organisation promotes quality education in Paris, and has a long-standing tradition dating back almost 150 years. Apprentis D’Auteuil’s mission is to support parents in their educational role and provide an educational plan and boarding school for young people aged between 5-20 years of age. This reduces instances of children dropping out of school.

Cybersoek – Amsterdam | Netherlands

Cybersoek is a platform in Amsterdam for digital self-reliance, through support and education. This charity, which was founded over 20 years ago, provides a place for the less digitally skilled, both young, old, employed or unemployed to learn about digital technologies to improve their digital knowledge, with the aim of offering further learning and advancing career prospects.

Our Corporate Giving Report

At Mercury, our sustainability strategy Our Planet, Our Duty plays an essential role as we continue to conduct our business with integrity in a responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner. We are committed to providing a safe and sustainable environment for our people and partners, consistently improve and make climate-friendlier choices across our projects and operations, and to making a positive impact on the communities in which we conduct business.

Read our full 2022 corporate giving report here.


We believe that we each have a role to play in contributing to the sustainable development of our planet. With this in mind, we have launched Our Planet, Our Duty, our Responsible Business plan. Our Planet, Our Duty is our promise to help create a more sustainable environment around us. It forms one of the foundation blocks of Beyond50, our five year plan to push further and take Mercury beyond our 50th year in business.

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