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Mercury is the European leader in construction solutions.

 We build and manage complex engineering & construction projects for the world’s leading corporations. Our solutions help deliver technologies and life changing advancements that connect people, communities, and businesses, giving them the power to achieve incredible things. Our people have the courage to be innovative. Their determination and sharp focus enable us to deliver with certainty, time and time again.

 We deliver our clients’ visions through leading edge construction solutions across multiple sectors, including Enterprise Data Centres, Advanced Technology & Life Sciences, Hyperscale Data Centres, Fire Protection, and Technical Support Services (TSS).

 At Mercury, it is our duty to encourage and back our people to realise their vision of themselves. We place them at the heart of what we do, providing challenging opportunities to develop within a great team in a supportive environment that allows them to reach their full potential.


As part of the growth in the Battery Manufacturing Sector Mercury is seeking candidates to form part of a new division to bid & execute projects within this up-and-coming industry


Key Responsibilities of the Role:

  • Be Part of a wider team involved in the bid process associated with winning projects in the industry.
  • Understanding of client requirements and producing “best in class” proposals within bid / tender phase
  • Validation of all tender and construction budgets to ensure strict compliance to agreed Margins.
  • Manage the overall operations of the project, and ensure that the Safety, Quality, and En-vironmental objectives of the client and the project team are established and progress toward these is measured.
  • Reviewing, in conjunction with the Q.A/QC manager and Project Manager, the effective-ness of the management systems as a means of achieving safety, quality and environ-mental objectives.
  • Understand strategy of the industry and the company with associated pipeline for future projects.
  • Manage the tender process from an operations function.
  • Ensure that communication between head office departments and the site is utilised to maintain an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Identifying any skills gaps in the Business Unit and undertaking a recruitment programme to support this.
  • Training of staff and managers to ensure that everyone is performing adequately in their role.
  • Providing a leadership support function to teams and motivating staff to achieve produc-tion goals.
  • Managing budgets and costs effectively in respect of the planning process.
  • Acting as a liaison to senior management and board of directors to keep them up to date on all projects.
  • Ensuring key performance indicators are in place.
  • Implementation of any new policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that an internal contract review meeting is held with Mercury legal team and that the key staff attend.
  • Fully understand Mercury’s contract position for the project.
  • Setup and maintain the risk and opportunity management process for the project in con-junction with the commercial & Project Team
  • Monitor and advise on the administration of the Client/Mercury Contract and on the Mercury Sub-contractor contracts.
  • Sourcing of new supply chain for different regions
  • Ensure that the management systems are implemented at all stages throughout the con-struction process, particularly with respect to Sub-contractor management.
  • To ensure that the project team comply with the Mercury Engineering project controls, processes, and procedures.
  • To initiate staff training where required.
  • In conjunction with the Project Manager Ensure that staff are working efficiently and ef-fectively.
  • Review actual progress against planned and ensure that clear and concise reporting to the project team and Mercury Engineering Senior Management.
  • Assessing, in conjunction with the Project Q.S. and Project Manager the financial and commercial contracting matters on the project.
  • Ensure project reporting is clear and concise and reflects current project status.
  • Ensure that packages and scope of works are reviewed prior to subcontracts being agreed.
  • Deal with any internal or external disputes.
  • Ensure change management is handled correctly (Cost & Programme)


Essential Criteria:

  • Minimum 10 years’ Leadership experience & Previous experience in Battery Manufac-turing projects €50m
  • Good Level of legal awareness and competence in assessing Contract Documents and contract requirements.
  • Excellent communication and organisation skills
  • Must have excellent English language skills.
  • Travel will be required for this position.


Mercury is an equal opportunities employer.

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