Off Site Manufacturing (OSM) Manager, Kildare, Ireland

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Mercury is an Irish based European Contractor.

Mercury is a European Contractor that builds and manages complex engineering projects that reimagine how people work and live in the built environment. Our determination and focus enable us to deliver leading-edge construction solutions across a range of key sectors including Enterprise Data Centres, Advanced Technology & Life Sciences, Hyperscale Data Centres, Fire Protection, Technical Support Services (TSS), Data Centre Facility Management, Healthcare & Building Services. Mercury employs over 2,600 people across over 10 locations in Europe and had an overall turnover of €1bn in 2020. Mercury employs the best people, invests heavily in training and education and ensures that the highest standards of health, safety and governance are applied throughout the organisation.

As the OSM manager you are the owner of all off site manufacturing in support of the Advanced Tech projects. 

Your tasks can be broadly broken into Three major phases for each project:

  1. OSM Scope and Schedule development via constructability reviews with project teams (including construction).
  2. Fabrication sites identification and set up and development.
  3. Fabrication; staging and shipping of all off site manufactured elements.


During phase 1,

  • You will work with the project PMs and wider project team to identify OSM and fabrication scope for the project. The scope will be developed via a series of constructability workshops which will be facilitated by the PM and OSM manager.
  • All OSM opportunities will be identified and allocated to specific OSM work packs.
  • Module boundary extents will be documented, and hook-up points identified.


During phase 2,

  • You will work with the PMs, Commercial and Logistics teams to allocate the OSM/fabrication scope to specific fabrication facilities, ensuring a clear span of control is documented for each scope (design, procurement, material control, logistics etc.)
  • You will be supported by the Quality department to ensure all relevant quality documentation (internal & subcontractor) is in place to execute required scope. 
  • You will set up facilities/ensure existing facilities are adequate in terms of:
  1. Capacity to manage allocated scope (based on current work in hand).
  2. Required space & equipment.
  3. Staffing (both trades and prelims).
  4. Management process flows & procedures, including implementation of any Mercury required standard QR process flows.
  5. Set up of Quality and Lean programs.


During Phase 3 

  • you will manage and report progress on all the fabrication/OSM scopes, staging and shipping of spools and skids for the Advance Tech projects.
  • You will document all OSM carryover works to ensure adequate completion of OSMs prior shipping to site.
  • You will also include progress reporting of the MEL Fabrication Facility in Newbridge in your portfolio.


Support from other Disciplines

  1. BIM - will provide 3D details and supporting bills of materials for all OSM/fabrication works. 
  2. AWP Team – will provide Module naming convention, an IWP model, and related IWP documents for each project. 
  3. Planning – Assigned project planner will assist in developing OSM/Fabrication schedule
  4. Commercial – will assist with scope award/allocation to OSM/Fabrication facilities. Will provide manhour estimates for any identified OSM carryover work.
  5. Procurement department - will ensure timely delivery of all required materials for each fabrication site / facility and will handle logistics both into these locations and the project construction sites.
  6. Engineering – OSM boundary & IWP drawing markups. Material requisitioning/reservation based on review of Bulk Take-offs/MTOs. Structural/Pipe Support design calculations to support OSM/Fabrication Schedule. Fabrication progress reporting from engineers assigned to specific projects/fab shops.
  7. Logistics – will ensure the logistics and transport plans/option studies will be executed to provide clear decision making on OSM facility options per project.
  8. Quality – will ensure appropriate quality documentation, qualifications and procedures are in place for OSM/fabrication works. Document Control will manage all incoming/outgoing subcontractor document transmittals. Will facilitate all required inspections using the ITR process, and issue OSM carryover reports prior to module shipment.
  9. Safety – will ensure appropriate safety documentation, qualifications and procedures are in place to execute OSM/fabrication works.Our quality goal is “Zero snags at the time where the foreman announces that a system or part of a system in complete”.You are required to manage and deliver you specific KPIs/goals in a forward looking and controlled manner.


Responsibilities of the Role:

  • Ensure a safe working environment for all of the people under your management and deliver an incident and injury free project.
  • Role model all aspects of working in a safe manner and ensure that all of your leadership team do the same.
  • You will set up and implement Mercury procedures in the OSM facilities.
  • Manage and publish all indicators on a weekly basis.
  • Implement the full range of lean construction elements. [This will include having at least one Lean GB on each site].
  • Build and deliver all MEP spools and skids JIT to site.
  • Performance management of your team members.
  • Keep a rolling 8 week look ahead of constraints and constraints clearing.
  • Forecast headcount requirements and agree staffing.


  1. S/E < 0.95
  2. < 2% of hours attributable to rework.
  3. Zero safety incidents.
  4. All spools and skids always have positive variance to need dates on site.
  5. Manage headcount to achieve S/E < 0.95


Your Qualifications and Key Criteria:

  • The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of all aspects of the delivery of large, high quality construction projects. 
  • This person will show a track record of delivering on such projects and be able to describe in detail how they lead the team to deliver these results.
  • With greater than 10 years relevant experience, it is preferred that this person have a primary or master’s degree in engineering or proven experience in a previous OSM Manager role. 
  • This person must also be able to show a keen understanding of strategic planning and tactical execution


Desirable Skills:

  • Modular experience is an advantage


 Mercury is an equal opportunities employer.

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