Electrical Construction Manager, Paris, France

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Organisational Environment:

Mercury is an Irish based European Contractor.

Mercury is a European Contractor that builds and manages complex engineering projects that reimagine how people work and live in the built environment. Our determination and focus enable us to deliver leading-edge construction solutions across a range of key sectors including Enterprise Data Centres, Advanced Technology & Life Sciences, Hyperscale Data Centres, Fire Protection, Technical Support Services (TSS), Data Centre Facility Management, Healthcare & Building Services. Mercury employs over 2,600 people across over 10 locations in Europe and had an overall turnover of €1bn in 2020. Mercury employs the best people, invests heavily in training and education and ensures that the highest standards of health, safety and governance are applied throughout the organisation.

Scope of the role:

The potential candidate will set specific goals for the elements of the project that align with the overall project objectives liaising with the line manager. The role is primarily to ensure that the project is built in accordance with the scope; schedule and budget as set out in the overall project programme and also to complete the "on the ground management" of the trades associated.

Given the size and complexity of the project collaboration across all of the disciplines is key to our success, and as such. The required candidate will be one that directly manages the trades personnel; ensures that all works are carried out in the most efficient manner, and the highest possible quality standards.

Key Responsibilities of the role:

  • Work in conjunction with the entire project team to deliver the scope in a collaborative manor.
  • The candidate will be the primary driver on the ground of the Weekly and daily work plans, this is a leading role and a critical requirement to drive productivity.
  • Quality and Safety start with you, it is imperative for you to be a leader in these areas of your management. Benchmarks will be set and measured against.
  • Work with the Foremen under your control to ensure that all Information; People; Materials, and Equipment are available to enable his teams to deliver a safe and productive weeks work. Advanced planning is an essential activity required.
  • Liaise with other key subcontractors working in the same area to ensure that all works are coordinated, and that work can be carried of safely and productively.
  • Oversee and sign off on all associated documentation to ensure the safe and productive workings of his/her team.
  • Oversee and sign off the Foreman's weekly report and ensure that issues raised are closed out for the next week.
  • Complete his/her weekly report to include the key items from the Foreman Report plus the following:
    • Completed Incident / Accident Reports.
    • Schedule Update: Planned V's Actual.
    • 4/6week Labour look ahead.
    • Industrial relation issues.
    • Material Procurement 2/4week look ahead. Long Lead Items. Issues.
    • Weekly variation log updated and issued to Quantity Surveyor.
    • Highlight all delays/disruptions to planned activities to ensure risk are controlled/mitigated or if need be claimed for.
  • Ensure disciplinary issues are addressed in line with the Site and Mercury Procedures for Safety Violations; Company Polices; Attendances; Time Keeping including Tea Breaks; Lunch Breaks and Start and Finish Times.
  • Monitor Foreman's daily Labour tracking sheets.
  • Support/update training Matrix as required and ensure trained Labour is available as required to meet your schedule.
  • Work with all key support staff both working directly for you and shared support staff to deliver all the above listed items.
  • Ensure no work deemed to be outside your scope of work proceeds without written instruction.
  • Work with other construction managers to ensure where applicable resources are shared.
  • Set up; coordinate and manage weekly project meeting to include Foremen Safety Advisor; QA Eng; BIM and any other key individuals required to ensure productive meeting.
  • Ensure all actions from the meeting are recorded and closed out for the next meeting. Minutes of meetings are to be recorded with associated actions designated to owners with responsibility to close out.
  • Management of any Subcontractors working for you in your area or on your System to include Safety; Quality; Productivity and Labour.
  • Subcontractor Project Manager or Supervisors should attend weekly site meetings as required. They should also issue weekly report similar to the Foreman's weekly report.
  • Manage the completion and sign off your area or system or if beneficial sections of your area or system snag free with all associated documentation and certification prior to the commencement of commissioning and start.
  • Liaise with Integrated commissioning team to close out and sign off completed area or system.
  • Work with key Personnel in both the Project Integrator and Client's Team to deliver good relationships to ensure repeat business both from Client and Project Integrator.
  • You must ensure that all foremen and trade teams under your control understand the objective and targets to be achieved week on week.

Key Criteria of the role:

  • Good leadership skills being the role model of the team projecting towards working in a safe environment.
  • Excellent project control skills
  • Good knowledge of Construction Process
  • Ability to control and manage people and programs
  • A trade background or a third level qualification
  • Proven record of co-ordinating and managing large projects


  • Good IT skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Mercury is an equal opportunities employer .

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