General Operatives (Various Locations), Dublin, Ireland

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Organisational Environment:

Mercury is an Irish based European Contractor.

Mercury is a European Contractor that builds and manages complex engineering projects that reimagine how people work and live in the built environment. Our determination and focus enable us to deliver leading-edge construction solutions across a range of key sectors including Enterprise Data Centres, Advanced Technology & Life Sciences, Hyperscale Data Centres, Fire Protection, Technical Support Services (TSS), Data Centre Facility Management, Healthcare & Building Services. Mercury employs over 2,600 people across over 10 locations in Europe and had an overall turnover of €1bn in 2020. Mercury employs the best people, invests heavily in training and education and ensures that the highest standards of health, safety and governance are applied throughout the organisation.


Job Description:

As a skilled tradesperson you are qualified to carry out construction works within your own field.  It is Mercury’s expectation that you apply your skills to deliver your work to an outstanding level of quality and professionalism.  You will become part of a work group and you will report to a foreman or chargehand.  It is imperative to the success of the project overall that you actively engage as a team player to deliver the works assigned to your team.

In addition to the expectation that you deliver outstanding tradespersons work, you are required to commit to the following:

Safety: You are expected to comply with safety on site and by law you must take reasonable care for your own safety and of other people in the work place.

Quality: All installations are expected with a mindset of Right First Time every time.

Productivity: You will be required to deliver daily on Productivity.  A basic requirement to have the right attitude and work hard to meet our construction deadlines.

On this site we have a clear hierarchy of our top three priorities:

  1. Safety.
  2. Quality.
  3. Productivity and Schedule.

And very specifically in that order.


Every Tradesperson shall endeavor to the best of his or her ability to deliver the following Goals:

  1. Zero safety incidents/accidents.
  2. Installations Right First Time zero snags.
  3. Always be Productive.
  4. Be on Time for Work.
  5. Use your Knowledge and Skills you are Qualified for and Pass on your Knowledge and Skills to Apprentices.
  6. Always have the right Attitude towards your work and your work Colleagues.
  7. Always attend on time and participate in TBT and WB.
  8. Work Overtime when requested to meet all construction dates.
  9. Tool and Plant, you are required to have a full set of tools. In addition, you are required to handle on Company Tool and Plant as you would your own. Report any Company Tool and Plant defects.




  • To take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of yourself and of other people in the workplace.
  • Not to engage in improper behavior that will endanger yourself or others.
  • Not to be under the influence of drink or drugs in the workplace.
  • To undergo any reasonable medical or other assessment if required to do so by your employer.
  • To report any defects in the place of work or equipment which might be a danger to health and safety.
  • To comply with all site safety rules.
  • To take part and contribute when filling out your SPA’s along with your co-workers.
  • To Use your SPA daily and don’t deviate from the plan.
  • To comply with all site permits.



  • Always have the mind set of Right First Time and Take Pride in your work.
  • Report any Quality issues to your Foreman.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about any aspect of the installation.
  • Use your Knowledge and Skills to execute the installation to a very high standard.
  • The Company will invest in Training for Trades and they will get additional training in specialists’ duties. Once Training is completed you will be expected to execute this training to the highest standard and professionalism.
  • Have respect for the Clients Systems, Equipment and Factory report any damage.
  • To always have a mindset of Zero Snags. 



  • Our client demands high levels of productivity from the company. You will be expected to deliver on productivity daily.
  • Execute Workplans under direction from your Foreman.
  • You have a responsibility to adhere to good time keeping.
  • Work with a positive attitude with your Foreman.


Training, Knowledge and Skills

  • If you are allocated to install a system you are expected to execute it to the highest standard.
  • Read and Understand Drawings.
  • Use your Training and knowledge to coach Apprentices.
  • To implement the Company’s specialists training courses to the highest standard in the field and workshops.


Mercury is an equal opportunities employer.


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