Life Sciences

Biological Manufacturing Facility, Dublin, Ireland

  • Dublin,Ireland
  • 13 months
  • Confidential
  • €10,000,000

This project was to re-purpose an existing Biological manufacturing campus located in Swords, Dublin, Ireland into a new facility for the manufacture of biological drug substances. As part of the upgrade to the Swords facility a new Bulk Drugs Substance (BDS) Production Suite was constructed within an existing Warehouse. The building was mainly single story with mezzanine levels within.

The scope of work executed included the above ground Piping and Plumbing Package in the Bulk Drugs Substance (BDS) building only as well as the installation of Sprinklers throughout to FM Global Standards and a Novec Gas Suppression Systems.

The piping scope included the Utility Piping (Non-hygienic), Hygienic Piping and Plumbing Systems for the building which included circa 10,000 meters of pipe across 9 different pipe specifications. Mercury Engineering utilized a detailed spooling procedure to facilitate offsite workshops to fabricate pipe spools and 75% of the project welds offsite. Project transitioned to system build @ 40% complete and Mercury Engineering utilized a proven Turnover team and processes to complete system handover with supporting CTOP documentation collated and issued to client in digital format.

Process Mechanical Equipment and Plumbing Equipment was installed by an experienced rigging team.

All equipment was transported to final location, set in place with surveyors confirming final locations before installation of anchor bolts, shimming and levelling. All documentation associated with Equipment was collated by QA team and issued in digital format to client.