Life Sciences

Bio-Pharma, Clean Utilities Project, Dublin, Ireland

  • Dublin,Ireland
  • 19 months
  • Confidential
  • €18,500,000

Mercury was awarded phase 2 of this large bio-pharmaceutical project located in College Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin. This phase included the development of a new Bulk Drug Substance (BDS) facility which incorporated a BDS building, a Central Utilities Building (CUB) extension to the Phase 1 warehouse and a site waste water treatment plant. Mercury’s scope included BDS Clean Utility Pipe install, BDS equipment move in package and underground process drainage as well as sprinkler installation throughout to FM Global standards and a Novec gas suppression systems.

The BDS clean utility install included off site fabrication, installation, testing, passivation and turnover of circa 19,000 meters of clean hygienic pipe on bespoke pipe supports. All pipe procurement welding and install was in line with Client Specifications /ASME BPE requirements.

A specialized equipment move in crew managed the mechanical installation of all BDS equipment, including clean utility generation equipment, buffer hold skids, buffer prep skids and four large bioreactors with associated piping skids.

The underground process drainage package included stress analysis, isometric production and installation of 700m of stainless-steel double contained pipework for the BDS and adjoining utilities building ranging in size from 100mm x 150mm to 300mm x 400mm. A total of 85,000 Weld inches completed with 70,000 completed offsite.