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Marking World Mental Health Day 2022 at Mercury

At Mercury, we understand the importance of working towards breaking the stigma around mental health, particularly within the context of our industry. As we continue to foster a positive working culture, we are supporting a number of wellness-related events across our locations over the month of October and beyond.

Our industry-leading wellness strategy has been developed by our dedicated wellbeing team, in conjunction with our Senior Management, EHS, and HR teams. Our focus is employee led and encourages our people to be the best version of themselves while prioritising their mental health and centring stigma-breaking conversations in the workplace. Mercury’s culture has always been deeply rooted in our core value of Safety, and this extends to mental safety and wellbeing.

World Mental Health Day is extremely important to us, now more than ever. One in four people at any one time are experiencing a mental health challenge, with construction being a high-risk industry when it comes to mental health issues according to the CDC.

This year’s theme is ‘Making Mental Health & Wellbeing for All a Global Priority.’ This can be seen at Mercury where our commitment to our people and community can be seen across our Global Wellbeing Strategy which includes:

Our Employee Assistance Programme – An independent and confidential service that is available to our 7,500 employees and supply-chain members, as well as their direct family members. Our EAP details are relaunched every week to ensure all our people have access to this programme.

Wellbeing focused toolbox talks – In April 2022, we introduced a wellbeing element to our toolbox talks. We have recorded a number of mental health themed conversations since the launch of this initiative, which focuses on asking our employees what matters to them in terms of personal aspirations, life goals, and relationships, while also exploring how Mercury, as a leading contractor, can align to meet the personal values of our people and supply-chain.

Mental Health First Aid Training – We have invested significantly in our Mental Health First Aid programme, which is available to staff on all locations across Europe. Almost 200 of our people have received this training which is now mandatory in certain areas of our business.

Wellness Plan & Boards – Mercury’s Wellness Boards are posted on all projects across the company and include key information on wellness, as well as useful tips and reminders pertaining to mental health.

Making Safety Personal (MSP) – MSP is a training programme for public and private entities that are committed to bridging the behavioural aspect of the causes of accidents, incidents, and near misses, which Mercury has invested in across our business units.

PepTalk Wellness App – This app is available to all our people and features monthly check ins and wellbeing tips. Based on the check in element we are able to keep track of the general morale of employees and update our wellbeing strategy to ensure that it is relevant and working towards the needs of our people.

Onsite Workshops – Over the course of this year we have hosted quarterly wellness webinars and in-person events, which have focused on the overarching theme of ‘Tackle Your Feelings.’ These sessions have been presented by a range of speakers including Dr Hannah McCormack, Dr Sean Bohan & Stephen McBride, Clinical Psychologist at Aware.


At Mercury, we drive a culture of wellbeing that enables our people to succeed and thrive.

The physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is of supreme importance. By cultivating a positive and engaging working environment that supports and nurtures, we believe that our staff are better placed to deliver top-class results.

You can read more about our employee wellbeing strategy by clicking here.

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