Mercury rigorously implement its QEHS policies and procedures to ensure industry leading project delivery and most importantly, the safety and wellbeing of all of its employees.

Mercury combines Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance into an integrated QEHS function. Mercury focuses on proactive auditing, preventive action planning, trend identification and issue resolution in order to achieve the established and stated goals of incident and injury-free (IIF) and ‘right first time from a quality perspective’. The company continually develops innovative methods of achieving these goals in order to enhance its reputation as a safe and high-quality organisation.


Mercury proactively sets standards and trends in the field of construction QEHS, with the aim of achieving incident- and injury-free status on all of its projects. Mercury prides itself on strict adherence to, and application of, its health and safety policies to ensure a work place with an embedded safety culture characterised by compliance and leadership, with incident and injury-free as a core value.


The detrimental effects of global warming and climate change on our environment are increasingly evident, and it is the corporate responsibility of every business to take what steps it can to minimize its own impact. Mercury, through its environmental policy, strongly encourages a culture of environmental best practice and performance in all its operations.

Mercury is accredited to and strives to maintain and implement the ISO 14001 standard. The company is committed to ensuring that its activities do not produce adverse environmental impacts. The QEHS team regularly audits all projects to ensure that they are compliant with company policy and expectations in this regard.


Quality in construction performance and customer care underpins Mercury’s reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of multidisciplinary engineering services across multiple sectors and locations. Key to our success is our continued investment in human and technical resources. Mercury is certified to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 – internationally recognised standards in quality management, which highlight our commitment and ability to satisfy quality system requirements and – more importantly – to deliver a quality service to our clients.