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Broaden your horizons and accelerate your career: 5 reasons to join Mercury’s Graduate Programme in 2024

Author: Cormac Byrne  /  30th Mar, 2023  /  News, Careers

Mercury is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our highly coveted 2024 Graduate Programme.

As a leading company in the construction industry, we offer unparalleled opportunities for ambitious graduates who want to kickstart their careers.

Our Graduate Programme provides access to best-in-class training, mentorship from seasoned professionals, and the chance to work on cutting-edge projects that make a real impact on the built environment.

In this article, our Graduate Programme Coordinator, Bronagh Matthews, shares the top five reasons why joining Mercury’s is the best move you can make for ambitious graduates who are seeking exciting career prospects.

Read on to learn more and take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career with Mercury.

Growing presence throughout Europe: Graduates will have the opportunity to play a role in Mercury’s ongoing growth throughout Europe, with the chance to travel and explore new horizons, while working in an empowered environment on some of the continents most leading-edge projects. Construction graduates who are based in Europe and the UK, can avail of our generous rotation and flight policy. You’ll have the unique opportunity to explore new cultures, build international networks, and gain exposure to dynamic working environments – simultaneously broadening your horizons while significantly increasing your professional development.

A diverse and welcoming team: Mercury is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment for all our teams. From the beginning of your first day on Mercury’s Graduate Programme you will be surrounded by colleagues from 60+ unique nationalities who are united by a common passion for innovation and collaboration. This unique culture not only facilitates your learning, but you will also be encouraged to contribute your unique perspective to our operations. We value the wide range of experiences and viewpoints our multicultural workforce brings to our projects, which has resulted in new ways of thinking and operating across the company, leading to increased levels of both employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Since launching our Graduate Programme in 2009, we have successfully trained 360+ graduates, many of whom have forged long-lasting careers with us.
Since launching our Graduate Programme in 2009, we have successfully trained 360+ graduates, many of whom have forged long-lasting careers with us.

Become a leader of tomorrow – The Mercury Graduate Programme offers state-of-the-art training in Leadership 4.0 at the prestigious Irish Management Institute (IMI). This training is specifically designed to develop your potential and prepare you to excel in the rapidly evolving global business landscape and involves workshops and seminars from some of Ireland’s most influential business leadership, career development and performance speakers. By participating in the programme, you’ll gain essential skills for your career, take part in masterclasses on the most pressing issues facing the industry today and gain robust knowledge to inspire confidence and apply to your role at Mercury to become a trailblazer and future leader in your field.

Learn from industry experts and benefit from decades of experience: Our Graduate Programme gives you the chance to learn from some of the best senior professionals in the industry. We are passionate about connecting those established in their careers, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, with our graduate intake, who bring new ways to think beyond the conventional to our operations. We place you at the heart of what we do, giving you the opportunity to absorb valuable insights and perspectives from seasoned experts, which will provide a strong basis and enhanced skillset for your career.

Break new ground – work with cutting-edge tech and clients: Mercury is a global player with powerful capabilities, committed to redefining industry standards through on-going innovation by working with leading edge technologies to deliver the vision of our clients. We value new talent to ensure we stay ahead and believe that everyone has a role to play in our success. It is the determination and sharp focus of our people that enables us to deliver with certainty, time and time again. By joining the Graduate Programme, you’ll have the chance to play a role on some of Europe’s most complex and high-level construction projects.

Join Mercury’s Graduate Programme to broaden your horizons and accelerate your career in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Are you read to elevate your skills and embark on a rewarding new journey?

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