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Digital Edge: Future-proofing safety across Europe with Artificial Intelligence

Safety is our anchor value. That’s why we are exploring the use of powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to future-proof the safety of our people, clients and supply-chain partners on our projects throughout Europe.

We are investigating how data analytics and predictive intelligence can be utilised to assist Mercury teams to identify, predict and prevent safety incidents across our operations.

Mercury are currently trialing a predictive-based safety software that contributes to project safety by monitoring and analysing site imagery, predicting the likelihood of incidents and reporting concerns to operations and EHS teams who can implement a range of recommended mitigating actions.

The AI Predictive analytics software’s key areas of focus: 

Safety Observations:  

The Safety Observation is a user-friendly system that involves the collective project team sharing responsibility of safety and support programmes and turning observations into teachable moments. Through the documentation of both positive and negative site conditions this can result in incident rates reducing by 40%. At Mercury we are confident that this will enable us to reduce potential incident rates across all projects.

Safety Monitoring: 

Leveraging artificial intelligence enables us to detect safety hazards on site, create dashboards and reports that identifies potential jobsite risks. The jobsite risks can include indicators from slip, trip and fall hazards, personal protective equipment, workers at height and more. Additionally, it possesses the ability to detect chronic and acute improper body positioning to prevent work related muscular skeletal disorders, one of the leading causes of lost work time. 

Predictive Analytics: 

The use of predictive analytics provides teams with the ability to continuously reduce risks on site through an incident early warning system which identifies high risk projects. The AI engine has been trained on over 17 million construction images, historical project data and incidents reports. This model then analyses the data from the safety monitoring module to predict safety incidents.  

The aim of this project is to reduce jobsite risks, enhance productivity and ultimately improve safety and wellbeing on our project sites. Mercury has engaged with Newmetrix to trial their artificial intelligence engine to further explore the potential opportunities of predictive analytics. The trial is in the early set up phase, but Mercury is excited to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, in particular, predictive analytics as we work to ensure that our people get home safely every day.

This trial programme provides additional support to our existing face-to-face onsite coaching, interventions and EHS training, to provide analytics which proactively prevent accidents and safety incidents.

Digital Edge – A Beyond50 Pillar 

The Predictive analytics for safety project forms part of Mercury’s Beyond50 strategy, as part of the ‘Digital Edge’ pillar. Digital Edge aims to ensure that our frontline people have the right technology to enable them to deliver real value to our clients, pushing digital construction to the edge.  Read more about innovation at Mercury here.


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