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Mercury personnel in Amsterdam take part in important scaffolding safety training. 
Mercury EHS team in Amsterdam take part in Standard Operating Procedure practical
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  10th Feb, 2020  /  News, Environmental, Health & Safety

The Mercury EHS team recently prepared a specific gantry level working at heights Standard Operating Procedure to reflect potential project challenges, and presented a practical workshop of “what good looks like” for specific tasks to be completed in this area.

This practical concerned the detailed erection and dismantling of scaffolding, mobile towers, conditions for platform ladders and the hierarchy of controls message of “ladders last”.

Personnel from multiple teams from our supply chain, working on a hyperscale data centre near Amsterdam, performed the training exercise with Dutch scaffold specialists Gjaltema, where they received demonstrations on how to rescue personnel from scaffolding in emergency situations.

Our team viewed theory videos before carrying out practical tests on how to safely lower or raise an operative in an emergency.

Personnel also demonstrated how to set up a safety winch and how to perform a rescue with a telescopic arm.

Members of our Emergency Response Team were present and an interactive Q&A session was completed by presenters and attendees.

Since October 2019, Mercury has driven a “what good looks like” mindset and culture to delver practical toolbox talks to crews in their new work locations.

This approach has been very successful and ensures the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) is practical and achievable, while highlighting the local hazards to all team members, supervision and ensures the demonstrated benchmark is the standard.

It’s our team, delivery, training and practical processes that enable The Mercury Way. People and companies want to work with us because they know, using the most up to date technology and innovative methods, we’ll always deliver better, faster and smarter for our clients with the highest attention paid to safety, quality and productivity.

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