National Children's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

  • Dublin,Ireland
  • 4 years
  • HSE
  • €157,000,000

The New Children’s Hospital, which will cover 12 acres, is located on the St. James’ Hospital campus. It is the largest, most complex and significant capital investment project undertaken in healthcare in Ireland.

The building consists of 7 floors above ground and 3 below ground which totals an approximate floor area of 160,000m2. There will be a total of 6150 rooms in the new building, 380 of which will be individual rooms for children; complete with en-suite bathrooms.

There will be 18 operating theatres, 2 endoscopy suites, 4 MRI suites, 1 intra-operative MRI lab and 1 CAT lab along with 4 acres of outdoor areas and gardens.

The scope of work on this project includes:

• MV/LV systems

• LV generators

• IPS/UPS systems

• Fire alarms


• Lightening protection

• Lighting and small power electrical installation

• Lighting control

• Gas fire suppression systems.

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