Stefan Zöller

Stefan Zöller

Managing Director, Mercury Engineering & Building Services GmbH

Stefan Zöller brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his role as Managing Director of Mercury Engineering & Building Services GmbH. With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, he excels in delivering complex semi-conductor and Advanced Technology projects for the world’s largest corporations.

With a track record of executing challenging projects across Europe, North America, and Asia, Stefan has held senior positions at leading contractors throughout Europe and was instrumental in the start-up of two high-tech design and installation companies. As a results-driven leader, Stefan excels at building empowered teams that deliver state of the art engineering solutions, with a clear focus on safety, quality, and client satisfaction. His ability to strategically lead high-performing teams, coupled with his dedication to delivering client visions that meet high quality and safety standards make him a vital addition to Mercury.