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Design that delivers certainty: Key skills to advance your electrical design career

To deliver certainty for our valued clients on leading edge projects throughout Europe, our teams lead with a dedication to transcending industry norms.

This commitment to pushing forward can be seen clearly across Mercury’s design team as they coordinate key elements of work on our projects to ensure successful completion. In 2023 the team played a key role on projects from the very inception to oversee full design works and help ensure the smooth running of the entire project lifecycle, providing a seamless process for our clients with further extensive works on projects consolidated under Mercury and our trusted subcontractors. On a large data centre project in the U.K our design team led the vendor selection process on Long Lead equipment which was very beneficial for Mercury’s construction team on later stages of the same project, guaranteeing efficiency.

Today we share an insight of the key skills one needs to forge a career in electrical design:

Be a team player

When you review a design, it quickly becomes apparent if members of the team have been working in silos. It is important for all systems on a complex construction project to interact and function correctly, so this requires high levels of collaboration and consultation with the wider project team to produce a successful design which will lead to minimal on-site errors when it comes to fruition.

Embrace a growth mindset

Our team operates in a fast-paced environment, on multiple high-level projects across Europe. One of the most important elements of our success is embracing the challenges we face and viewing them as opportunities- a positive mindset will bring you a long way in this industry. Whether its learning from a setback and deciding to follow a different approach next time around or continually looking for exciting new methods to make incremental improvements, we never settle. As a team we commit to delivering premium results and to do so we think beyond the conventional and embrace innovation every day.

Communicate effectively

At Mercury we value communication to remain connected. Transparent, honest communication and feedback is crucial to a project’s success, from the initial design stages to overseeing the design being built, clear communication is critical to a project’s efficiency yet is very much underestimated in our industry. Open communication helps to ensure that all stakeholders from engineers, project managers, architects, subcontractors, and clients are aligned. Furthermore, it has wide reaching benefits of safety, efficiency and overall project quality.

A commitment to Work Safe, Home Safe

On any Mercury project, no matter your role, understanding the importance of health and safety and abiding by our Work Safe, Home Safe ethos is crucial. Everyone understands that safety is personal, and we each have a responsibility to follow our key trainings, processes, and procedures to ensure everyone on the project goes home safe at the end of every day. Safety is never taken for granted and having a safety-oriented mindset helps us all to achieve our best work.

This year Mercury’s design team will be expanding, if you are ready to make it happen and reach your full potential using some of the skills above keep an eye out for open roles available in the coming months.


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