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5 reasons to apply for exciting roles within Mercury’s CSA estimation team

Curious about the dynamic universe of construction estimation and the exciting growth of complex sectors like data centres, semi-conductor, and life sciences? Join Conor Clavin, our Group CSA Estimation Manager, as he shares five compelling reasons to apply for open roles within Mercury’s CSA Estimation Team.

With over 20 years’ experience in estimation, Conor joined Mercury from a tier 1 contractor in 2016 and has enjoyed significant career growth over the past eight years. Read Conor’s insights below.

1. Diverse clients & complex projects that ignite your passion

With every new day comes a fresh challenge and a new opportunity to deliver. 

As a member of our estimation team, you’ll be fully immersed in projects that ignite your passion and drive. The intricate complexities of these projects ensure a continuous learning curve, fostering both personal and professional development. Collaborating with global clients on sophisticated developments adds an extra layer of depth to your journey. 

Our commitment to timely project delivery is unwavering, extending across sectors and even within the constraints of pre-construction’s tight tender timelines. We excel in swiftly mobilising resources for bids and maintaining excellence through our construction teams. Mercury’s proven track record of successfully delivering projects for some of the world’s largest organizations has solidified our position as a leading general contractor in Europe. 

By joining us, you’ll not only contribute to delivering exceptional results but also embark on a rewarding career path. 

2. We nurture your professional journey

When it comes to your career growth, we’re all in.  

Our department thrives on high standards, and we foster an environment where excellence and professionalism are nurtured, which allows our people to propel their career to new heights. 

Mercury values your aspirations, offering support to enhance your skills and knowledge. We encourage our estimators to pursue further education and charterships such as MCSCI & MRICS.  

My own journey at Mercury exemplifies our growth-focused mindset. Starting out as a procurement quantity surveyor eight years ago, I was promoted internally and have since progressed to lead our CSA Estimation Department. 

3. Gain experience in booming sectors that shape your career path

If you’re rooted in an estimation or quantity surveying background and seeking fresh challenges, Mercury is the place to be.  

We’re at the forefront of exciting sectors like data centres, semi-conductor, and life sciences. As a CSA estimator, you’ll be part of projects that shape the future, unlocking opportunities for both personal growth and professional expertise.  

The rapid expansion of our key sectors drives your professional journey, opening doors to diverse experiences and invaluable expertise.  

The DC sector in particular is undergoing undeniable growth – fueled by the emergence of AI – this growth spurs new roles within Mercury, providing avenues for internal advancement. 

4. Hone your skills by tackling complex markets and projects

Flexibility and precision are two key skills that are required in our profession.  

Recent developments such as price volatility, driven by macro-economic trends are prime examples of some of the complex challenges that our team regularly faces. 

Our robust supply-chain relationships play a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges. Collaborating closely with our partners, you’ll ensure that we consistently deliver value for our clients while maintaining transparency and precision. Our dedication to on-time project completion is anchored in thorough pre-construction planning and the expertise of our adept construction teams. 

5. Deliver projects with a digital edge

As part of our CSA team, you’ll have unparalleled access to cutting-edge digital solutions that empower your precision and efficiency.  

We leverage innovative software like Cost X for seamless Bill of Quantities (BQ) production, giving you the best tools to work with. BIM and 5D take-off applications further enhance your capabilities, transforming data into meaningful BQ formats and offering a 3D perspective for quicker insights.  

Our use of EstimateOne software revolutionises tendering, ensuring secure and efficient data transfer while drastically reducing email correspondence.  

With these best-in-class tools at your fingertips, you’ll be at the forefront of digital-driven project delivery. 

Ready for your next career move?

Your journey with us means becoming a part of a team that thrives on innovation, values diversity, and fuels professional growth. Explore the dynamic realm of construction estimation and see why joining Mercury’s CSA estimation team can be your next transformative career step. 

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