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A Message from Eoin Vaughan, CEO, as Mercury Celebrates 50 years in Business
Author: Eoin Vaughan  /  3rd Aug, 2022  /  News, Announcements & Press

2022 marks Mercury’s 50th year in business. It’s an incredible milestone for us and I would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon the exceptional people, partners and clients who have made it happen.

Mercury started as a small electrical firm, following the partnership of Joe Morgan and the late Frank O’Kane in 1972. Joe and Frank secured the first contracts while working out of a small apartment in Dublin, Ireland. It was their unwavering passion and determination that has seen Mercury expand and grow. Today we’re proud to be a global workforce of over 8,500 people, from 46 unique nationalities, operating across 16+ countries.

As a company we have always been conscious of our humble beginnings and just how far our founders have brought us. It was an honour to be given the opportunity to take on the role as CEO in 2014, and a privilege to have the ongoing support of the Morgan and O’Kane families. This relationship has helped keep us aligned to our anchor value of safety, while giving us the drive and determination to deliver complex engineering solutions to our global client base.

Central to our success has been our ability to harness the positive momentum that we have built up over the past five decades. To advance and reach further. And with each decade has come exceptional growth. This growth has brought us into new sectors and regions right across the globe. It has allowed us to embrace new cultures and forge lifelong partnerships along the way.

The Mercury team lives by a unique set of values: Safety, Brave, Dynamic, Make it Happen. They were inspired by our founders’ own personal ethos of always delivering and never compromising on that, no matter what. Our values are a rock-solid foundation, a statement of our focus and determination and the driving force behind our business. Our values have given us the courage and the determination we have needed to weather the many challenges that have faced our industry over the years. They have given us a clear and positive focus that has enabled us to embrace new disciplines and expand into exciting new territories.

Most importantly, they have taught us the true value of people. From our clients and partners to the Mercury team, we believe that by placing people at the very heart of our business, we will continue to achieve our vision for the next fifty years. We want to thank all our clients and partners for trusting us time and time again. Without their belief in us, we never would have come so far.

To our employees, we want to thank you all for growing with us and never giving up. Your commitment to Mercury has been integral to the progress and success achieved so far.

Our industry is entering an era of change and there are exciting times ahead. I firmly believe that through our lived values we can embrace that change, creating an environment where innovation thrives, and people can be their very best.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated, and passionate teams of people every day and most importantly, I am incredibly proud to be a part of this journey.

Here’s to the next 50 years for Mercury.


Eoin Vaughan, CEO.


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