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Miguel Gimenez Cassina, one of our frontline Digital Edge Champions 

Digital Edge Champion – Miguel Gimenez Cassina on driving innovation from the frontline

Author: Cormac Byrne  /  9th May, 2022  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

At Mercury, we believe that real innovation only happens if you are willing to be brave. We utilise the most innovative and cutting-edge digital technologies, enabling us to drive efficiency across our design, build and operate offerings.

Critical to our success in rolling out the most up to date technologies across our projects is Digital Edge, our digital transformation strategy. Digital Edge aims to ensure that our frontline people have access to the right technology, empowering them to deliver real value to our clients, pushing digital construction to the edge.

We recently spoke to Miguel Gimenez Cassina, one of our frontline Digital Edge Champions who highlights how Mercury is leveraging innovative digital technology to assist in meeting project schedules and objectives, as we continue to deliver industry leading results for our clients throughout EMEA.

Miguel joined Mercury in 2019, first working on an enterprise data centre project in Frankfurt, Germany.

In his current role as Planning Manager for our Date Centre Building Services (DCBS) Business Unit, Miguel holds responsibility for planning management for nine data centre projects across Paris, Madrid and Frankfurt. In this function, Miguel guides and supports our teams in closing out projects, and in looking for new, innovative methods to provide relevant information to higher management.

You can read Miguel’s full interview below.

What are some of the digital technologies you have used while working with Mercury, and how do they help with your role?

4D BIM modelling

“Synchro is a software that combines the 3D model and the programme of a project – Connecting 3D digital objects with the 4th dimension of time. It helps to develop the programme in a very visual and real way as every aspect of the project is loaded onto the system. Users can prepare 2 week & 6 week look aheads (2WLA/6WLA) so that tasks can be performed and visually analysed. It is compatible with a range of other project management softwares which gives added value that competitors do not offer.”

AI Photo Documentation 

“OpenSpace software uses a 360° camera, which allows the planner/supervisor to virtually walk through the site using an application on their phone, or on their computer. The camera records everything and uploads it onto an online server. Anyone with access can join collaboratively and you can visualise the site and watch progress from your office. It’s like Google Maps for a site project! As a planner, one of the main benefits is that you don’t need to go to the site to check if activity has been completed or to check overall status. You can also compare from previous records. An added bonus is that OpenSpace is linked to the 3D BIM model, so you can view how the project will look in the future, we can also connect OpenSpace to BIM 360, our Digital Construction Management Software.”

Miguel Gimenez Cassina, one of our frontline Digital Edge Champions.

Collaborative planning software

“Instead of pasting sticky notes onto a wall, as is tradition, with Yolean you have virtual sticky notes within the software, which are very customisable. You can assign tasks to a lead or supervisor, allocate restricted works and plan a two week look ahead. This tool is being piloted by Mercury on a large data centre project in Milan and will be used on an enterprise project in Belgium soon. There are a number of benefits associated with Yolean. It alerts different leads to their tasks, it also highlights clashes with other disciplines, while helping with general coordination on site.”


“DABs from Data Scope is a touch screen TV programme where you can view site layouts. During daily meetings with subcontractors, it is very easy to assign tasks for each, to talk about risks, mark restricted areas, or areas where permits are required and to plan key activities. This technology is used a lot during daily coordination meetings to manage subcontractors. It creates reports for the site team, permit to work areas and in logistic coordination. It is now being used on almost all DCBS projects and also in most of Mercury’s other key business units.”

Are there any construction related digital technologies that you would like to use but haven’t yet got your hands on?

“I would like to use more virtual reality and drone supervision technologies. While I appreciate that these technologies are currently in Digital Edge, I just haven’t had a chance to use them on site yet.”

Digital Edge – A Beyond50 Pillar

Digital Edge aims to ensure that our frontline people have the right technology to enable them to deliver real value to our clients, pushing digital construction to the edge. Read more about innovation in Mercury here.

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