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Mercury retains No. 2 position on CIF Top 50 list again in 2020

Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  5th Oct, 2020  /  News, Announcements & Press

Mercury is delighted to announce that it placed number 2 in the CIF top 50 list contractors in Ireland, featured in the latest issue of Construction Magazine (Top 50 2020). With a total turnover in 2019 of €900 million, (an Irish turnover of €745 million and international €155 million), Mercury has retained its position as the second largest contractor based in Ireland by revenue.

About Mercury

Mercury is a European Contractor headquartered in Ireland. Our purpose is to deliver our clients’ vision through leading edge construction solutions, going beyond our duty, turning clients into partners and building relationships that thrive.

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Rickie Rogers, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Mercury, recently spoke to Robbie Cousins at Construction Magazine about our transition to a full-services engineering contractor and how Covid-19, while having had a catastrophic impact on the world, will ultimately make the construction sector safer and more efficient. Read it here.


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