Design, Quality & Innovation

Values & Approach

At Mercury, we strive to be the best company that we can be. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do as their strategic partner. We also continue to deliver leading edge construction solutions to clients and push industry boundaries by doing incredible things in areas such as digitalisation, offsite manufacturing and safety. It’s our bold promise that Mercury will always deliver.



Mercury recognises the ever-growing importance BIM to the global construction industry. We utilise the most innovative and cutting-edge digital technologies. This enables more efficient design and construction to support the organisational growth of our clients.

We are certified to the highest possible standards, having received the BSI Kitemark for BIM Level 2 accreditation (PAS 1192-2:2013 & BS 1192:2007+A2:2016) in 2018. As BIM standards evolve – Mercury is planning to become ISO19650 accredited during 2021 in line with this evolution. Read more about Mercury's BIM capabilities here.


Quality in construction performance and client care underpin our reputation as a leading contractor delivering complex projects throughout all regions in which we operate. Key to our success is our constant investment in our people, supply chain and in the latest innovations in technology. Mercury is certified to ISO 9001:2015 – the highest internationally recognised standard in quality management. We don’t only satisfy quality system requirements to deliver the best possible service to our clients - we continually aspire to exceed them.


Construction 4.0

Mercury is committed to looking forward with regard to the fourth industrial revolution, leading in the construction industry with the use of modern, innovative ‘smart’ production techniques aimed at saving our clients valuable time, costs and increasing safety and quality including BIM, Lean, off-site fabrication and modularisation. Mercury are playing an important role in this area, with our CEO Eoin Vaughan holding the role of Chairman of the CIF Construction 4.0 committee. The committee has been set up to provide guidelines to the Irish construction industry in relation to the digitalisation of industry. 

Digital Construction

In Mercury we live, work and operate in the digital world. Embedding digital technology across our operations is essential to Mercury to ensure our employees, supply chain and clients can maximise their performance. We have continually invested in digital transformation initiatives to connect our people, share their insights and experience to help deliver better projects.

Our cloud-based SOP platform The Mercury Way allows us to deliver digital SOPs to all staff.  Our onboarding platform The Mercury Experience that ensures that all new hires learn what they need from the right people to hit the ground running. All Mercury projects use construction management software for Engineering Applications enabling standard performance metrics. Our Productivity on a Phone app provides our foremen in the field with performance targets for their crews. The goal of our digital transformation is that we get the best technology to the people who deliver value for our clients.


Mercury has long been an advocate of Lean and has been implementing its principles into work practices for many years. Lean has always been something we strive for and our default position is if there’s an activity or a task that we’re going to perform for our client, safely we’re always trying to make it happen – better, faster or smarter.

Virtual Reality

Mercury has been working with VR for some time and recently opened a Virtual Reality Hub at our dedicated BIM centre. Mercury’s in-house BIM team have the capability to generate bespoke VR models for any projects utilising BIM. The VR models not only create a unique immersive experience for our clients, allowing them to see how Mercury plan to deliver their vision and make it happen, but also have major benefits with respect to design development & review, construction management, QEHS, facilities management and training.

Mercury promises to always deliver. Using VR in collaboration with BIM and traditional construction documentation allows our clients and project team to engage in more thorough design review & construction planning processes. This in turn creates a positive impact on the project for all stakeholders involved.

Off-site fabrication, Modularisation & Modular skid systems

Off-site fabrication and modular skid systems are essential components within major construction projects. At Mercury, we are leading the way forward in this sector with our unrivalled levels of experience and expertise, moving beyond the traditional on-site method of construction towards processes that more greatly emphasise not only high-quality standards but also cost reduction and increased reliability through process standardisation. Mercury innovates using pre-fabrication and modular installation methods.

Mercury combine the installation with traditional methods whilst utilising the latest technologies available to the market, the likes of which have never been implemented on Irish construction sites before. Our off-site fabrication facility in Ireland allows us to manufacture essential parts offsite, as part of our lean construction programme. This high-tech facility allows us to do low-purity, medium-purity and high-purity installations and highly advanced manufacturing processes in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. At our off-site facility, we manufacture over 1,000 spools of pipework per week.