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Right First Time: The key components of Mercury’s dynamic Quality culture

As the European leader in construction solutions, quality means everything to us. Our high standards and commitment to delivering our clients’ vision is what sets us apart. This relentless dedication and commitment to premium results can be seen in the projects our teams deliver for our clients throughout Europe.

Quality is integral to everything we do year round and this week our teams have affirmed their commitment to our “Right First Time” approach to mark World Quality Week 2023 through several wide-ranging initiatives on our projects, covering topics including achieving defect free status, avoidable errors, the importance of continuous improvement, and engaging in site-specific practical demonstrations carried out by members of our valued supply chain which cover installation processes and industry best practice.

Our “Right First Time” approach prioritises efficiency and consistency in meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients. Through embracing digital tools and empowering our people and supply chain, we prove ourselves as adaptable partners to our global client base.

Utilising digital tools

Central to achieving this has been our embrace of new technologies which position us at the leading edge of industry. In the past few years, we have implemented several quality improvement methods which give us a competitive edge. All quality inspections across our operations are now conducted digitally. On certain projects we have introduced a QR code system to conduct checklists of rooms in the most efficient manner possible. The digital first approach extends to our adoption of modularisation, making our processes leaner to meet the evolving needs of our global client base which calls for more advanced projects to be completed within shorter timeframes, while guaranteeing we never sacrifice on our commitment to quality.

There’s power in people

However, taking a “digital first” approach is just one element of Mercury’s overarching quality culture. Craig Connor, Mercury’s Group Head of Quality comments, “We’re nothing without our people and as we develop and expand our capabilities, it’s important that we bring our supply chain with us. On all Mercury projects we work alongside our supply chain to educate them about why quality is a crucial component of our success.”

Mercury provides training and mentoring opportunities to all our employees and supply chain throughout the year on a number of topics including BIM360, and several quality related processes such as Non-conformance and root analysis training, so they can gain a greater understanding of how to use these innovative technologies to reach our goals. Craig notes that he and his team focus on “building that culture of quality which everyone on site buys into and believes in. We are more agile, dynamic, and productive when everyone is aligned, helping us ensure we cut out inefficiencies in our processes. This means we can deliver the best results for our clients with certainty, efficiency, and safety.”

Adaptability is the name of the game

Craig notes, “The way we approach quality focuses largely on adaptability, whether it’s moving into an emerging sector, expanding our capabilities in a new region, or working to a tight deadline, we embrace the change to inform the way we work and meet the requirements of our partners.” He continues, “Repeat work with our clients is the greatest sign that we are reaching our goals of delivering premium results again and again.” This dedication builds trust in our approach, systems, and processes. “We only partner with the best and through our global teams and supply chain we have the best people on the ground to guarantee that the “Right First Time” perspective is instilled on all our projects, regardless of sector or country.”

At Mercury, our high-quality standards can be seen at every turn of the projects we work on. We always strive to deliver leading edge construction solutions efficiently, and never sacrifice on premium results. Craig affirms that “Quality not only relates to a projects’ installation process, but it also encompasses everything we do as a company. Our role as quality professionals is to ensure our projects are built correctly to client specification and always meet Mercury’s impeccable standards.”


Mercury is the European leader in construction solutions. We build and manage complex engineering & construction projects for the world’s leading corporations. Our solutions help deliver technologies that connect people, communities, and businesses, giving them the power to achieve incredible things. Our people have the courage to be innovative. Their determination and sharp focus enable us to deliver with certainty, time and time again. 

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