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Meticulous planning & seamless execution: Mercury completes complex modular installation in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, Germany, our Data Centres & Building Services team demonstrated their expertise by efficiently installing 4x 40-tonne modular generators and associated 9-tonne SCR containers on a large Digital Realty data centre project.

As an industry leader in modular construction, Mercury optimises space utilisation and design efficiency, redefining construction, and project delivery.

These Modern Methods of Construction represent numerous benefits, including significant time and cost savings that lead to reduced project delivery periods, enhanced repeatability, and higher quality, while also contributing towards lowering the project’s overall carbon footprint, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Several months before the installation, meticulous planning and coordination were undertaken. The Mercury team, in collaboration with supply-chain partners and our client’s project team, engaged in strategic pre-meetings and comprehensive planning sessions to ensure the safe and proficient execution of this complex lift.

Our highly skilled project team utilised a 250-tonne crane, a strategically positioned 7-metre-tall temporary lifting platform, load-bearing pontoons, and a sliding system to achieve absolute precision during this installation.

Modular systems offer a key advantage due to their compact design, allowing easy integration into desired spaces without additional supports. This is especially crucial on rooftops, where larger generator may pose challenges. By using a separated structure and load-bearing pontoons, we seamlessly installed both the generators and SCRs.

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Before the coordination of the physical installation, the planning process involved several crucial stages:

1. Upfront planning: Mercury’s project team meticulously strategised and coordinated all aspects of the installation months in advance, ensuring every detail was accounted to optimise efficiency and accuracy during installation.

2. Off-site design and fabrication: Along with our supply-chain partners, we invested considerable effort in off-site design and fabrication, creating detailed plans and utilising state-of-the-art technologies for the modular systems. Rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) visits ensured that all components met our stringent standards, and the client’s requirements, before arriving on-site, eliminating issues during installation and supporting the future handover phase of the project.

3. Coordination of complex modules: Successfully integrating modular systems into the project required seamless coordination. Our project team excelled in handling complex modules and orchestrated their placement to fit perfectly within the designated spaces, optimising functionality.

4. Digital rehearsals of installation sequencing: To guarantee a flawless installation process, Mercury conducted digital rehearsals of the planned site works and installation sequencing. By leveraging advanced digital technologies, we simulated the entire process beforehand, identifying potential challenges and fine-tuning our approach for a smooth execution.

5. Deep dives in the programme: With a focus on precision, we conducted deep dives into the project’s timeline, meticulously analysing each phase to ensure seamless integration and timely completion. This proactive approach helped us identify opportunities for optimization and eliminated potential bottlenecks.

6. Off-site testing and commissioning: Before final installation, we conducted rigorous off-site testing and commissioning of the modules. This thorough testing process ensured that all components were fully functional and met the highest standards of performance, quality, and safety prior to transportation to site.

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This recent installation is just one example of many that highlights how our exceptional teams achieve incredible engineering feats using careful planning, advanced coordination, and innovative construction methodologies.

Embracing the power of modular solutions, we remain dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge projects that set new standards in construction excellence. With streamlined processes and precision, Mercury continues to shape the future of construction with efficiency and sustainability.


The Offsite Assembly (OSA) market is redefining our industry and we’re leading the charge. Our expansive OSA strategy and capabilities will ensure our success continues to mount as we step into the future. As a prime contractor with whole life-cycle scope delivering design, build, commission and operations, we constantly evaluate modern construction methods to improve our delivery.

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