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‘Let’s end silent suffering’ – Mercury launches menstruation, menopause & miscarriage leave policies

At Mercury, we provide unwavering support for all our people, especially our female team members, throughout every stage of life.

Recently, we launched progressive leave policies focusing on menstruation, menopause, and miscarriage.

These policies reflect our genuine commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges women may face during these significant phases of life. Our goal is to create an environment where open conversations about these crucial topics are normalised.

“Mercury’s new policies resonate with our core values of inclusion, equity, and empowerment,” explains Group HR Manager, Christie Idemudia. “Let’s acknowledge that women often face challenges silently, be it menstruation, menopause, or miscarriages, impacting both their personal and professional lives. By addressing these issues openly, we create a supportive environment that enhances productivity and allows everyone to work comfortably. For Mercury, this represents true equity, comfort, and inclusion. No one should suffer in silence; together, let’s normalise these conversations and empower women to thrive in the workplace, driving positive change for everyone.”

Our new policies are outlined below:

Menstruation Leave Policy: Normalising conversations around menstrual health, this policy allows employees to take time off when needed without any hesitation or discomfort.

Menopause Support Policy: Acknowledging the unique challenges during this phase of life, this policy provides resources, understanding, and flexibility to ensure our employees feel comfortable and fully supported.

Miscarriage Leave Policy: Understanding the emotional toll, this policy offers necessary time off and assistance to heal and recover.

Mercury’s commitment to empowering our diverse workforce extends beyond these progressive leave policies. As Europe’s leading provider of construction solutions, we understand the invaluable contributions of women in our workforce and acknowledge the need to promote gender diversity in a traditionally male-dominated field.

By fostering an inclusive environment where open discussions about crucial topics like menstruation, menopause, and miscarriages are encouraged, we are breaking down barriers and creating a workplace that empowers all our team members.

We believe that empowering women in construction is not only about providing support during critical life stages but also about normalising conversations that lead to an inclusive and thriving work environment. Together, let’s continue driving positive change in our industry and empowering all our team members to reach their full potential.


At Mercury, our drive towards diversity & inclusion is one of the key driving factors behind our winning culture.

We have put in place a Diversity & Inclusion Policy that is driven by our Executive Management Team. Diversity & Inclusion is woven into the fabric of the vision and values of Mercury, not only through our culture, but through the entire life cycle of the employee experience.

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