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6 challenges that define the path to success in data centre construction

Daniel Cohim is a Mechanical Package Manager with over 16 years of experience in the construction industry. Having worked on challenging projects across a variety of sectors, Daniel details the six most common challenges that teams should carefully consider when delivering highly complex data centre projects.

Completing the construction of a data centre is a significant milestone, requiring coordinated efforts, specialised technical expertise, and unwavering determination. As Europe’s leading construction solutions provider, we understand that each step of this journey is filled with challenges that require experience and skill to be overcome. By tackling these challenges smartly, our teams consistently deliver high-quality facilities and our clients’ visions.

While all aspects of construction have their own complexities, throughout the data centre construction process, we encounter unique challenges that demand specialised knowledge and expertise.

Systems integration

Seamlessly integrating complex systems such as power, cooling, water, fire suppression, ventilation, security, and networking is a critical challenge. Ensuring that each component operates in harmony requires technical expertise and meticulous attention to avoid any gaps.

EHS: Work Safe | Home Safe

As our anchor value, it is our main concern that every single person in the site is working safely so that they can go home safely. Through our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) policies and procedures, we ensure industry leading project deliveries every time and, most importantly, the safety and wellbeing of all our employees. Nothing less is accepted.

Testing and commissioning

Rigorous testing is essential to ensure the reliable operation of all systems. From power stability to the effectiveness of cooling systems, every detail must be meticulously checked and commissioned to ensure that the data centre is ready to operate.

Daniel Cohim, Mechanical Package Manager.
Daniel Cohim, Mechanical Package Manager.

Deadline management

Meeting established deadlines is a primary responsibility. Coordinating teams, suppliers, and subcontractors requires effective management skills to ensure that everyone is synchronised and committed to meeting the set timelines.


Mastering the principles of redundant power supply, efficient distribution, fire suppression, and appropriate cooling solutions is vital to ensuring the availability and energy efficiency of the data centre.

Standards and regulations

Staying up to date with industry standards and local regulations is indispensable to ensure compliance and the safety of the environment.

The result? Satisfied clients and cutting-edge facilities

By tackling these and other challenges and applying our technical expertise, the result is a high-quality facility and a satisfied client. Our data centres provide reliable infrastructure for critical operations, ensuring data security and business continuity.

All of our teams across Europe are dedicated to overcoming obstacles and constantly improving our skills to deliver exceptional data centre solutions. As the world demands a greater number of complex and sustainable data centre solutions for the digital age, we are fully committed to carry out our clients’ needs, all while adhering to our EHS values, high-quality standards, and timely project management. Together, we go beyond the call of duty with a bold promise that Mercury will always deliver.


Mercury is Europe’s most experienced Colocation Data Centre service provider. We go beyond to meet the challenges of the ever-growing market, always delivering to our clients’ requirements and commitments. Over the last 20 years as a leading general contractor, our highly skilled international teams have successfully delivered data centres across 14 countries for some of the world’s largest data centre companies. We design, build, plan, construct, and commission data centres using the highest levels of safety, quality, and delivery and manage the maintenance of facilities post-construction. Our cutting-edge construction methods mean we consistently deliver highly complex and specialised turnkey services on time, every time.

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