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Women in Engineering Day 2023: Celebrating our incredible people and achievements

Author: Matthew Geraghty  /  23rd Jun, 2023  /  News

At Mercury, we are dedicated to driving a more inclusive construction industry and increasing the visibility of women across our business. We firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusion as a success factor, as we deliver the best possible results for our people and clients.

The wide-ranging experiences and perspectives that our diverse workforce bring to our operations set us apart as the European leader in construction solutions. While we acknowledge that there is still work to be done to achieve gender equality in our industry, we are proud of our progress thus far. We remain committed to driving change and increasing female representation in the engineering field and the wider construction industry.

As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2023, we not only celebrate the remarkable contributions of women engineers but also reflect on our own progress in improving female representation throughout our European operations.

Over the past two years, 19 percent of our female employees have received well-deserved promotions, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing equality and inclusion throughout our business. Additionally, our retention rate for female employees in 2022 stood at an impressive 99 percent, a testament to the supportive environment we strive to create.

We have also made significant headway in strengthening career pathways for women entering the construction industry. Our graduate program intake saw a notable increase, with the percentage of women rising from 7 percent in 2020 to an encouraging 30 percent in 2022. Furthermore, the number of women in our apprentice program surged by 200 percent during the same period. As one of Ireland’s largest employers of apprentices, we are proud of our efforts to bridge the gender gap and foster a more inclusive industry.

Our diverse workforce, comprising females from 37+ unique nationalities, enriches our teams with a wealth of valuable perspectives and viewpoints. By prioritizing equality, diversity, and inclusion, we not only enhance employee satisfaction and productivity but also unlock new ways of thinking and operating for our business. We strive to cultivate supportive workplaces where everyone feels valued and respected.

As we join the global celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, we pay tribute to the remarkable women who have made significant contributions to engineering. This day holds special significance as it honors the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), established on June 23, 1919, and recognizes the invaluable role women continue to play in transforming the engineering landscape.

On this important occasion, we reaffirm our dedication to creating a more inclusive and diverse engineering industry. We recognise the importance of providing equal opportunities and support for women to thrive and succeed in this field. By fostering an environment that encourages and values women’s contributions, we shape a brighter future for engineering where talent knows no gender boundaries.

Join us in celebrating International Women in Engineering Day and our ongoing commitment to championing gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the construction industry and beyond.


At Mercury, our drive towards diversity & inclusion is one of the key driving factors behind our winning culture.

We have put in place a Diversity & Inclusion Policy that is driven by our Executive Management Team. Diversity & Inclusion is woven into the fabric of the vision and values of Mercury, not only through our culture, but through the entire life cycle of the employee experience.

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