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Christian Murphy, General Manager, Fire Protection. 

Christian Murphy: ‘Crucial nature of Fire Protection means we are duty bound to deliver’

Author: Cormac Byrne  /  14th Nov, 2022  /  News, Insights

With a mission to shine a light on one of Mercury’s core areas of expertise, Christian Murphy is taking Fire Protection to a whole new dimension.

The future couldn’t be brighter for Mercury’s Fire Protection Business Unit. A key business unit of the Organisation’s New Live Environment Division, Fire Protection is an integral part of Mercury’s core service offering.

Three years in the driving seat is Christian Murphy, Fire Protection Business Unit Lead. With a strategic road map in his hand and a wealth of experience under the bonnet, Christian is in pole position to lead the business on the next leg of the journey.

“We were pioneers of Fire Protection in the industry and one of the first to offer this service,” says Christian. “It’s been an exciting 50-year development and growth for the Business Unit. We continue to deliver varying projects to meet and support our client’s needs. Our broad knowledge and long-term understanding of the industry supports Mercury’s position as a world leader and specialist in the field.

“A really positive aspect of our business is that we are not tied to one particular sector or industry. Fire Protection is pivotal regardless of the construction project and that keeps things really interesting. It means that at any given time we have a broad spectrum of projects underway, from data centres, retail and pharma projects, to bespoke residential and commercial developments.”

Mercury’s Fire Protection Business Unit is one of the few companies to offer a full 360 service solution from concept design through to installation, commissioning and maintenance. “We have a superb in-house design team, and a highly experienced operational team” Christian highlights.

Ciaran Carrick, Contract Manager, Christian Murphy, General Manager & Aisling Cronin, Operations Manager, pictured at Mercury’s Fire Protection Stores in Dunboyne, Co. Meath.

“Six decades in the business has allowed us to grow relationships with worldwide industry bodies, testing labs, approval agencies along with trusted supply chain partners. This gives us the experience and the edge and a compelling reason for companies to partner with us.”

Fire Protection is a highly specialised area, requiring expertly trained and experienced engineers. Christian is currently responsible for a team of over 100 direct staff and 200 specialist subcontractors, working on projects across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

“There’s no doubt about it, the world is becoming more accessible,” Christian says. “What excites me is that we now have a diverse group of people from a range of different backgrounds, working together to transform the future of Fire Protection.”

There’s no shying away from the serious nature of Fire Protection and this brings huge responsibility for Christian and the team.

“You can plan for the day-to-day, but it’s the unexpected that you consistently need to be prepared for and on top of. This is particularly important given the nature of the business we’re in; dealing with fire control mechanisms. There is so much at stake. Clients really have to have that confidence in us. We simply can’t afford to have one bad day at the office. We all have to consistently perform together as a team.”

With a background in Design Engineering, Christian’s own career with Mercury began back in 2001. Fresh out of college, Christian was working for an engineering company, when his Course Coordinator alerted him that Mercury was looking for the next wave of new talent. Christian took the plunge and hasn’t looked back since.

Darren Brennan, Operations Manager & Christian Murphy, General Manager of Mercury’s Fire Protection Business Unit.

“Mercury has always been ahead of its time with regard to recruitment along with further education. I’m one of the many people who have benefited from that. Mercury provided me with the support to allow me to complete a master’s in engineering along with a number of other beneficial courses. Here, ongoing professional development goes hand in hand with career progression. There is literally nothing holding you back from achieving your career ambitions. There are high expectations within your role but there are huge supports too.”

Asked why Mercury has secured a leadership position in the provision of Fire Protection Services, Christian answers, “We have the entire Mercury Group in the background supporting us. That means we can leverage leading edge innovation from the other areas of the business. This really gives us the edge. We’re lean, efficient and responsive in our own operations too. That benefits all aspects of our business, from design, to operations, to our technicians and engineers in the field.”

“That said, we never forget the roots that we came from. We are here to deliver for our clients – that’s our duty,” Christian emphasises. “We started as a service provider, and I believe that our recent restructuring has allowed us to refocus and shine a light on those key areas within our business that helped to bring us to where we are today.”

Christian Murphy, General Manager, Fire Protection.
Christian Murphy, General Manager, Fire Protection.

What gets Christian fired up in the morning? “We have multiple jobs at any one given time. That takes a lot of coordination. We work with a lot of key clients, each of whom are equally important. I really enjoy meeting our clients and getting out to sites as much as possible to make sure everyone is satisfied. However, I would also say that Covid has had an effect of further sharpening our focus and has also resulted in creative solutions and innovation.”

When asked for some insights regarding what he loves about his role, Christian is very clear, “I like when something new comes along. The freshness of a new job. I love to pull people together as a team. I’d like to think I’m open to hearing new ideas. You’ve got to remember that you have a team of specialists – there to do the best for everyone. And when people come together as a team that’s when anything is possible”.

Fire Protection Services

Mercury is a world leader in the field of specialist Fire Protection services, and with over 50 years’ experience, our clients have the assurance that we can deliver all their needs to meet health & safety, legal, regulatory and insurance requirements. As one of only a few companies certified to install water-based sprinkler, gas suppression and fire alarm systems, we provide our clients with unique solutions to meet their specific compliance requirements. We have the in-house ability to deliver complex turnkey projects from planning and design right through to final handover, prioritising safety and quality for our clients and their stakeholders every time.

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