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Transforming quality control through innovative digital approaches
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  4th Nov, 2022  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation, Projects

At Mercury we think beyond the ordinary, continuously forging new, innovative paths which help us consistently operate at the leading edge of our industry.  

Our dedication to quality in construction performance and client care underpins our reputation as a leading European contractor who consistently deliver complex projects. Key to our success is sustained investment in our people, supply-chain, and the latest technological innovations.  

As part of World Quality Week 2022, we are highlighting our digital first approach to quality control, which improves not only quality, but productivity and resourcefulness throughout the entire life cycle of our projects.  

Quality control plays a crucial role in the delivery of complex projects such as data centres, semi-conductor plants, and large-scale health care facilities.

Our team based on the National Children’s Hospital (NCH) project in Dublin, Ireland, have standardised and implemented our quality control inspection process with all quality documentation in digital format through the Autodesk BIM360 Field technology. This has empowered us to fully digitise quality processes on site, providing transparent reporting metrics, and reducing overall risk.  

Our system leverages integrated QR codes, allowing users to digitally move throughout the project seamlessly. With the use of a tablet, our quality teams can control all mechanical and electrical assets, and review progress of rooms, while checking snags, checklists, benchmarks, NCRs, and quality audits.  

Utilising one central location for all systems and asset quality documentation is crucial for delivering projects efficiently and has truly transformed day to day operations on site. By allowing our team to have more control over quality than ever before, this approach greatly improves our quality processes, ultimately ensuring that our clients benefit from the highest possible standards.

Keith Hore, Group Electrical Program Manager, Principal Duty Holder, said: “At Mercury, we don’t only satisfy quality system requirements to deliver the best possible service to our clients – we continually aspire to exceed them. BIM360 Field offers a huge advantage to efficiency on all our projects. It increases communication, improves progress, and can be adapted to work for all projects within the business from healthcare, pharma, data centres, and semi-conductor plants. BIM360 Field introduces accountability and adds responsibilities through all construction phases of a project. Mercury’s digital innovation department supports this process throughout our operations, generating QR Codes, digitising project checklists and ISO9001 compliance Audit Templates.”

World Quality Week 2022 

World Quality Week is an annual campaign which raises awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards organisations and takes place from November 7 -11, Mercury’s theme for this year is “Committed to Quality: Setting the Standard”.  

Quality is not only about designing and improving the quality of a product or service, but also about the methods that organisations employ to deliver them to customers and stakeholders across their value stream to ensure customer satisfaction. This year’s World Quality Week provides an opportunity to focus on our continued dedication to quality and ensure that we continue to be consistent and at the leading edge of the construction industry when it comes to innovation, client care, and quality at large. 



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