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Mercury has long been a leader in innovation and is at the forefront of the adoption of Offsite Assembly and MMC. 

Innovating in the Live Environment with our Modern Methods of Construction

Author: Cormac Byrne  /  29th Jul, 2022  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

“To realise the full benefits of our Modern Methods of Construction capabilities for the company and for our clients, Mercury has adapted. This change has seen the company evolve into a full-service contractor, rather than a pure engineering contractor who works alongside the main contractor. This gives us control over design, build and maintenance. We have a vested interest in the whole life cycle cost of the project, and this ensures that our integrated teams working closely to ensure a smooth transition from one project stage to the next. Through this, all of the efficiencies in terms of time, cost and quality can be maximised.”

Justin Keane, Director for Engineering Support, Offsite Manufacturing & Digital Transformation recently spoke to Irish Construction News about how Mercury is adapting our structures to pioneer further advances through our Modern Methods of Construction.

Mercury has long been a leader in innovation and is at the forefront of the adoption of Offsite Assembly and MMC.

These methodologies and processes have enabled us to realise incredible growth, efficiency and quality gains, while reducing cost and risk for clients, and significantly improving work conditions for our employees.

One particular area of our business that is reaping the rewards of our approach to Modern Methods of Construction is our Live Environment Division, which covers a wide range of specialised areas, including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Fire protection, Data Centres, Telecommunications and Facilities Management.

You can read Justin’s full insight by clicking here.


The Offsite Assembly (OSA) market is redefining our industry and we’re leading the charge. Our expansive OSA strategy and capabilities will ensure our success continues to mount as we step into the future. As a prime contractor with whole life-cycle scope delivering design, build, commission and operations, we constantly evaluate modern construction methods to improve our delivery.

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