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Stock photo: Mercury staff viewing a Building Information Model of metal structure. 

Optimizing data centre project planning with 4D BIM modelling

Author: Tiffany Zhou  /  13th Jul, 2022  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

Mercury recently delivered two data centre projects, while utilizing 4D BIM modeling, enabling our team to optimize project planning, while eliminating potential risks from outset.

The use of digital technology was central to our successful completion of these two projects.

As the prime contractor, Mercury was responsible for the design, through to handover, with our team overcoming a number of unique challenges, including a relatively short construction programme of eight months.

Recent technological advancements have resulted in the ability to introduce a 4th dimension into our BIM model – time.

Our multi-national client requested the most up-to-date progress data, and we introduced SYNCHRO 4D by Bentley, which integrates the project schedule with the construction model.

Stock photo: Building Information Model of metal structure.

Through SYNCHRO, our planning team developed a 4D model of the project, which accurately highlights progress throughout the timeline. We also noted benefits in increased scheduling accuracy and streamlined communication, as required for these complex projects.

Additionally, the Mercury team and project stakeholders could review and edit construction tasks in an immersive environment, pushing digital construction to the edge.

SYNCHRO 4D’s planning and simulation allowed our team to foresee potential clashes in the digital environment, which positioned us to find alternative solutions to challenges faced.

In addition, this software also supports a more efficient handover of the model for the next stage of the project. This developed further, our visual planning, automated quantity takeoff and reduced project risk delays, and time-consuming rework.

Andrew Valette, Senior Project Planner said: “Our client expressed an interest in utilizing 4D modelling on these two projects and it was something we have successfully implemented previously. By using SYNCHRO, Mercury was able to illustrate the construction programme in a way that was easy to communicate with all parties. We conveyed pinch-points and issues to relevant stakeholders and were also able to better introduce our subcontractors to our processes, improving collaboration and efficiency.”


Synchro is an initiative of the ‘Digital Edge’ pillar from Mercury’s Beyond50 strategy. The core goal of this pillar is to deliver a mobile, integrated digital backbone for back office and frontline workers from design through to operations that drives our digital project delivery to the edge. Read more about innovation in Mercury here.

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