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Stephanie Hofmann (right) pictured on a project in Frankfurt, Germany. 
Stephanie Hofmann: ‘Global clients, career progression & stability make Mercury attractive choice for construction professionals in Germany’
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  22nd Jun, 2022  /  News, Careers

Hailing from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Stephanie Hofmann joined Mercury as a Junior Project Manager in 2019, and has enjoyed a career trajectory that has gone from strength to strength.

With Mercury operating as a general contractor in Frankfurt for the past 10+ years, Stephanie’s first introduction to the company came while working for a German consultancy firm who were acting as a sub-contractor on one of our many projects in the city.

Stephanie’s aptitude for project management and her ability to deliver beyond expectations were clear for all to see, and she was offered a role on our team.

Now a Project Manager on a data centre project in her hometown, Stephanie has successfully led a number of Mercury’s diverse teams, delivering projects for some of the world’s largest multi-national data centre companies.

Scroll below to read about Stephanie’s stellar career journey with Mercury, and about the range of opportunities available to those considering a career with us in Germany, and across Europe.

Give us some insight into your career to date? What made you pursue a career in construction?

“I come from a construction family, and first sat in an excavator at the age of five! Despite this early introduction, it wasn’t clear to me that I wanted to work in the industry. Before studying civil engineering, I studied law in Frankfurt and realised it wasn’t for me. I wanted to pursue something more practical, and more real.”

“During my engineering studies, I gained boots on the ground experience and worked for many different construction contractors. I specialised in project management and began working for a German consulting firm in 2017. My role at the time focused on PM and cost management, and I worked on a data centre project where Mercury was the GC.”

How did you start working for Mercury?

“After working for the consulting firm on a number of DC projects, I was approached by Mercury and asked if I was interested in joining the company. My previous experience with Mercury was incredibly positive, and this was an easy decision for me. I joined the company in September 2019, knowing that Mercury would offer me career growth and stability, fantastic learning and development opportunities, and the prospect of delivering projects for some of the world’s largest technology companies.”

Hailing from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Stephanie Hofmann joined Mercury as a Junior Project Manager in 2019, and has enjoyed a career trajectory that has gone from strength to strength. Photo Credits: Liz Eve / Fotohaus.

Mercury works with large multinational clients, what is the most challenging aspect of being a project manager?

“As a Project Manager with Mercury, I have already worked with a number of well-known clients from China, the United States and Europe. Each client is unique and expects different levels of supporting, reporting and relationships management. As the PM, you are the first point of contact for the client, and you need to know what is happening at all levels of the project. If you can remain calm, professional, and well-informed as Mercury’s representative to the client, then you have succeeded in a large part.”

Over 44 nationalities work for Mercury across Europe, what is it like leading our diverse teams?

“This is one of the most enjoyable factors about working for Mercury! We have an incredibly diverse and multi-faceted workforce. Everyone has something different to contribute, and that exchange with other cultures and ways of life is not only interesting on a professional level, but also makes people more open minded and dynamic.”

We have a number of open positions in Frankfurt and Berlin, why should people apply to work for Mercury in Germany?

“The experience you gain while working on Mercury projects is unique, challenging and dynamic. It is not always easy and a lot is asked of you, but you also get a lot back in return!

“There are many clear advantages that Mercury offers over other contractors. For one, we promote a much higher standard of health and safety, and our ethos of ‘Work Safe, Home Safe’ is woven into the fabric of the company. The international flair and exposure to multi-national clients makes Mercury an extremely attractive employer, and one that has had an incredibly positive influence on my career.”

“There are tasks, challenges and opportunities that I did not experience while working for German companies. Also, the fact that I now feel comfortable working in a language other than German is a massive advantage, and is a bonus for the progress of my career.”

Stephanie Hofmann and her project team in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo Credits: Liz Eve / Fotohaus.

Mercury has been operating in the data centre market in Frankfurt for 10+ years, what do you think the future of this sector looks like?

“Frankfurt is still the leading city in Germany for data centre development. The city council is very open towards supporting the future of the industry. For this growth to continue, we need greener and more environmentally friendly construction solutions and power sources. This is coming into play during the planning stage, and is slowly being implemented into more projects. Ultimately, I think we will see a shift in the data centre industry, away from new builds, with a focus on renewal and refurbishment, which is something that Mercury has great expertise in. Energy and climate issues are major drivers for obtaining building permits and developments, and are of utmost importance to our clients. As an industry, we must move with the times and take these factors into consideration.”

You were promoted from Junior Project Manager to Project Manager, how does Mercury provide career opportunities for its people?

“Along with my promotion, Mercury has provided me with an opportunity to pursue my master’s degree, in parallel to my work. There are programmes for education and training at a number of levels. I personally know of many colleagues who have availed of these opportunities and have achieved a variety of degrees and forms of education over the years. Like any employer, Mercury must constantly develop and work with its employees. The focus should remain on internal staff development, and I think that as a company we are very aware of this. Learning and development is receiving increased promotion which can only be a good thing.”

What has been your best personal achievement in your career with Mercury?

“For me, I regard receiving confirmation of project handover from the local municipality as the most enjoyable milestone of my career. It’s such a great feeling to come back to the team with this news. It’s proof of a successful, and brave team collaboration.”

Mercury has been delivering data centre projects in Frankfurt for the past 10+ years.

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