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Driving efficiency and agility: Mercury’s Swedish ‘Flying Factory’

Author: Cormac Byrne  /  1st Mar, 2022  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

Mercury’s ‘Flying Factories’ are temporary facilities strategically located in proximity to our major construction projects which allow us to replicate our Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) anywhere in the world.

Our approach to modular construction has been established over decades, with expertise garnered from delivering some of Europe’s most technically challenging projects across a range of sectors.

Cloud-based construction collaboration technologies enable digital design, manufacture, delivery and installation, empowering our people and processes to move from one location to the next. This promotes agility and drives schedule predictability for our clients, staff and our operations.

Lean thinking throughout our global supply-chain & facilities

With over 31,000sqm of direct Offsite Assembly facilities across Europe and an extensive global supply-chain of 70+ modular construction partners, lean thinking resonates throughout our culture.

We possess over 17,000 square foot of Offsite Assembly facilities in Lulea, Sweden. Located just south of the Arctic Circle, we have utilised our Swedish ‘Flying Factories’ to deliver 1,000+ horizontal containment modules and 6,000+ bracketry systems on a nearby project – all within the past year. This has reduced our install time by 60% and reduced our need for onsite personnel by half.

Not only does OSA provide positive impacts such as reduced risk and higher levels of health and safety, it also increases the quality of the install. In conjunction to this, there are positive environmental benefits such as less deliveries to site, less traffic, and reduced carbon emissions and noise pollution in the local community.

As we continue to expand our operations throughout EMEA, we are certain that the ‘Flying Factories’ of tomorrow will continue to support our people and our delivery of projects, while achieving increased project predictability, safer installs and higher quality across a variety of climates and sectors.

Scroll below to view some recent images from our Swedish ‘Flying Factory’


The Offsite Assembly (OSA) market is redefining our industry and we’re leading the charge. Our expansive OSA strategy and capabilities will ensure our success continues to mount as we step into the future. As a prime contractor with whole life-cycle scope delivering design, build, commission and operations, we constantly evaluate modern construction methods to improve our delivery.

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