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Redefining training standards to get our people home safely

Author: Cormac Byrne  /  24th Feb, 2022  /  News, Environmental, Health & Safety

Mercury’s health & safety culture is recognised across Europe as industry leading. From our senior management to our trades and apprentices, safety is embedded in our DNA and our daily work practices. In fact, many of Mercury’s safety initiatives have been implemented globally across the construction industry.

Last year we provided over 70,000 hours of training across the group for our employees and supply-chain partners. At our off-site assembly facility in Co. Kildare, Ireland, we are setting new standards for the quality delivery of both practical and theoretical safety training. In conjunction to this, our people have completed several thousand hours in online training through our Learning Management System (LMS).

Having achieved 10.5 million hours without a reportable injury in 2021, Mercury’s safety compliance and cultural journey is a resounding success, which is bolstered by our dedication to continued training and improvement.

Our training programme in Co. Kildare has been recognised by both our clients and supply-chain partners. Our safety processes ensure adequate coordination and communication, enabling our projects to be delivered with the highest levels of health and safety.

Over 8,000 hours of training were delivered at our off-site facility over the past year, with our EHS team providing a wide-array of courses, including the following:

  • Fire
  • Safety Values for Managers & Supervisors (SVMS)
  • Incident Free Workplace
  • Making Safety Personal (MSP)
  • Manual Handling
  • Abrasive Wheel Training
  • Electrical Safety Standards (ESS)
  • Control of Hazardous Energies (COHE)

Our SVMS is open to all staff and supply-chain partners which adds significant value to the project team. MSP Lite is available to all of our trades, with a more in-depth course available to management. In addition to this our first aid training is open to our site and support staff, along with our supply-chain partners.

Fred Doyle, EHS Training Lead said: “The object of our training in Leixlip is to add value to our team working on a nearby advanced technology project. The training we provide is open to our people and supply-chain partners alike and has driven big improvements in our on-site safety culture.

Fred Doyle, EHS Training Lead.

“Our main objective at our training centre is to educate our workforce to live by our culture of Work Safe Home Safe, every day.”

Swipe through the gallery below for a selection of images from our safety training exercises.

WorkSafe | HomeSafe

We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of Health & Safety. Safety is embedded in our DNA, it is the Mercury way – from design to construction, commissioning and handover – our safety processes ensure adequate coordination and communication to enable our projects to be constructed safely. Our team understand that by sticking to the safe coordinated plan we can guarantee that our team get home safely to their families at the end of every day.

Safety is personal and our team intervene proactively to ensure compliance day by day and hour by hour. We respect our workforce and they respect our management as an integrated team with a common goal – to get home safe each day. Through our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) policies and procedures, we ensure an industry leading project delivery every time and most importantly – the safety and wellbeing of all our employees.

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