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Flying Factories: Driving productivity in semi-conductor and data centre delivery across EMEA
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  16th Dec, 2021  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

Mercury’s flying factories and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are increasing our productivity and maximising quality, as we continue to deliver for our semi-conductor and data centre clients across Europe and beyond.

With 40,000 square metres of direct off-site manufacturing facilities under our management, the flying factory concept supports Mercury’s project delivery approach, driving lean manufacturing methods, utilising temporary and adaptable factories.

We are replicating and fine-tuning off-site manufacturing procedures and processes with knowledge that have been garnered over decades of project delivery in countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Poland, Turkey, Ireland and more.

Mercury utilises its direct and flying factory facilities to produce a wide and diverse range of technical engineering products such as waste skids, sub-fab laterals, submains, trestle pipework, instrumentation, controls and higher purity pipework skids, modular containment and hot aisle containment modules.

Traditionally, these elements were stick built on the project site. By capitalising on the flying factory concept in proximity to our project sites, these products can be manufactured in a more secure and temperature control environment. This allows out of sequence construction activities, which previously ran in start-finish fashion, to run simultaneously.

The use of flying factories is win-win for our people, supply-chain partners and ultimately our clients. This Modern Method of Construction supports our anchor value of “Work Safe, Home Safe” with many on site hazards eliminated. The Flying Factory Methodology also aligns with our quality ethos of “Right first time, every time” and enables higher quality workmanship, reduced wastage and increased potential for more detailed sustainability, embodied and operational carbon analysis.

The key to realising the true benefits of this approach is early engagement with Mercury, where combined with our vast experience, we can demonstrate faster on-site installation, conditional commissioning off-site, better cost and programme certainty, along with reduced risk.

Justin Keane, Director of Digital Delivery, Offsite Manufacturing & Quality said: “As our industry embraces digital transformation, we will continue on this path of industrialisation, improving productivity in a modern and more sustainable approach to construction.”

Click on the images below for a look behind the scenes at one of our flying factories.


The Offsite Assembly (OSA) market is redefining our industry and we’re leading the charge. Our expansive OSA strategy and capabilities will ensure our success continues to mount as we step into the future. As a prime contractor with whole life-cycle scope delivering design, build, commission and operations, we constantly evaluate modern construction methods to improve our delivery.

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