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Mercury Recognises Supply-chain partners with Quality Awards 2021
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  12th Nov, 2021  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

Mercury is delighted to conclude World Quality Week 2021 by presenting our Quality Sub-Contractor of the Year Awards to seven of our supply-chain partners who have gone above and beyond in the delivery of quality this year.

At Mercury, we reward quality work. By communicating our quality ethos constantly and by celebrating our quality wins, we aim to create an environment that promotes and improves quality every day.

Mercury’s management team is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and will continue to establish and promote a quality culture that recognises and rewards our supply chain.

The following seven sub-contractors have been selected as our ‘Quality Sub-Contractor of the Year’ in each of our business units on our projects across Europe:

  1. Excell Sealants – Hyperscale Data Centres
  2. Wojcik Ventilation – Enterprise Data Centres
  3. Evolution Security – Life Sciences & Technology
  4. BEM Electrical – Healthcare
  5. HCO – Fire Protection
  6. Alltec Fibre Ltd – Technical Support Services
  7. PMI – Data Centre & Building Services

Justin Keane, Director of Digital Delivery, Offsite Manufacturing & Quality said: “Our success throughout Europe is greatly influenced by the collaborative and dedicated efforts of our supply-chain partners. It is with pleasure that we recognise these seven companies who continuously go above and beyond to support our collective goals. We would like to congratulate all winners but also want to thank all of our supply-chain partners for their continued support in raising the bar on quality in our continuous cycle of improvement.”


At Mercury, we strive to be the best company that we can be. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do as their strategic partner. We also continue to deliver leading edge construction solutions to clients and push industry boundaries by doing incredible things in areas such as digitalisation, offsite manufacturing and safety. It’s our bold promise that Mercury will always deliver.

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