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‘Game-changing’ digital technology empowering Mercury’s innovation in Quality Management
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  8th Nov, 2021  /  News, Design, Quality & Innovation

At Mercury, we actively pursue innovative methods of Modern Construction that connect our teams and empower us to deliver the best possible results for our clients, our people and our planet.

Central to our success throughout Europe, is the contribution of our Quality Team and our utilization of innovative digital technologies that improve our standards across our projects, business unit and supply-chain, regardless of the sector or locations we are operating in.

Graham Rooney, Digital Transformation Lead, Operations, has spent almost twenty years working for Mercury across a range of projects in Europe, starting out as an apprentice electrician back in 2002 before working his way through the ranks of our Quality Team.

While working as a Business Unit Quality Manager across a diverse portfolio of projects and cities, Graham identified difficulties in implementing a standardised approach to the management of quality across multiple applications and platforms. In tackling this issue, in 2019, Mercury mandated the use of our Digital Construction Management Platform, BIM 360, which Graham has described as a ‘game-changer’.

He said: “As soon as BIM360 was mandated and all sites were using the one system, it was a game-changer in terms of monitoring quality and planning continuous improvement. We haven’t looked back since the adoption of BIM 360 with our numbers growing year on year. In 2021 we have spent more than 18,000 hours focusing on Quality Control audits. BIM 360 currently holds over 1,000 approved quality benchmarks, segregated in support of our key sectors.”

Mercury’s BIM 360 Adoption User Figures
Mercury’s BIM 360 Adoption User Figures

With significant on-site experience in the delivery of projects, Graham’s expertise and knowledge of Mercury’s people and processes ensure that he has a unique advantage in his innovative role as Digital Transformation Lead. Graham believes that new technologies must benefit operational teams in their everyday activities and should “always improve the efficiency and quality of our work.”

He said: “Digital Transformation is not just about getting access to the technologies of tomorrow, it’s about having a forward-thinking mindset and quality company culture that sets us apart from our competitors, allowing us to consistently deliver for our clients.”

2021 has seen Mercury’s Quality Assurance team conduct 300+ Quality Control audits, consisting of more than 16,800 QC checks across our projects, business units, sub-contractors and supply-chain partners. Our dedication to the highest levels of Quality is best-in-class.

Graham added: “Through the use of our Quality Data Analytics team, our Quality team and project teams, and our Executive Management team all have direct access to quality data analytics and Quality Performance Indicators (QPI’s) allowing appropriate management and timely interventions if required. We “Plan”, we “Do”, we “Check”, and we “Act” in a continuous cycle of improvement”.

Graham Rooney is also involved in multiple projects in Mercury’s Beyond50 Digital Edge Pillar, such as Mercury’s Certification as a tier 1 contractor to ISO 19650, our use of the Embodied Carbon Calculator and more.

World Quality Week 2021

This article was produced as part of Mercury’s efforts to mark World Quality Week 2021.

The theme for World Quality Week 2021 is: Sustainability: Improving our products, people and planet.

We look forward to providing our clients, supply-chain members, partners & followers with key insights from across our Quality Team on important topics such as the digitisation of our quality processes, our approach to an Integrated Management System, our Embodied Carbon journey and more.

Join us for Leading Quality Insights for World Quality Week from 8-12th November 2021.


At Mercury, we strive to be the best company that we can be. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do as their strategic partner. We also continue to deliver leading edge construction solutions to clients and push industry boundaries by doing incredible things in areas such as digitalisation, offsite manufacturing and safety. It’s our bold promise that Mercury will always deliver.

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