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Facility Management Data Centre Team at Mercury
Mercury wins facilities management contract for existing data centre client
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  15th Jul, 2021  /  News

As part of Mercury’s Beyond50 strategy to deliver end to end data centre services, we have extended our facility management (FM) offering to the data centre sector. Using Mercury’s Design-Build-Operate contracting model, we are uniquely positioned to manage clients’ facilities throughout their lifecycle.

Mercury has achieved a significant milestone in delivering this strategy, with the win of a contract to deliver facilities management services for a key existing client in Slough, London, United Kingdom. The facility is a Tier III, 24MW site where the Mercury construction team recently handed over a defect free building to the Mercury FM team.

Mercury’s FM team will now manage the operations of the building on behalf of our client. As Mercury has managed the design and build phases, we have intimate knowledge of the building’s services and how it should be operated. With our construction and facilities teams working alongside each other during handover, Mercury can offer clients an unparalleled service where we are accountable for the asset across the various stages of its lifecycle.

Mercury delivers data centres during time of unprecedented cloud demand

Mercury’s Facility Operations Manager Ian McLoughlin said:

“Implementing our Design-Build-Operate contracting model meant we were in a unique position to source and upskill our facility management team in parallel with the completion and handover period of the construction project.

“Our FM team could witness and participate in L4&L5 commissioning processes meaning they have detailed knowledge of the building’s services & operations. This upskilling, as well as our long history of delivering FM services in other sectors, has meant that Mercury can de-risk client’s building investment as the asset moves from construction through handover and into operations”.

Data Centre Facility Management

We have continued our journey of expansion into providing specialist data centre services, to create a dedicated facilities management & maintenance support service offering for some of our clients in this expanding market. Mercury’s Data Centre Facility Management services means we’re uniquely positioned to offer clients a Design-Build-Operate contracting model. This strategy ensures we are 100% accountable for the client’s building throughout its entire lifecycle. Warranties can be effectively maintained as the contract moves from construction through to operations. Mercury’s facility team will mobilise to the client’s data centre in parallel with construction to ensure our team are familiar with the building, the systems, the local supply chain and the client before the construction project is completed. Through implementing this strategy, our facilities teams can then contribute to the design and build of the client’s next project improving efficiencies and reliability through this continuous improvement cycle.



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