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Teaching to Quality Assurance: Aisling Goff on opportunities for women in construction
Author: Cormac Byrne  /  23rd Jun, 2021  /  News, Announcements & Press

As part of our International Women in Engineering Day initiatives, Aisling Goff, Quality Assurance Manager, Enterprise Data Centres was interviewed by WORK180 about her will to inspire more women to consider a career in the construction sector.

Following her graduation from college with a degree in arts, Aisling initially wanted to pursue a career in teaching but hasn’t looked back from the accidental beginnings of her career in the construction industry and has offered a number of tips for women who are pondering over a similar career path.

After joining Mercury as a QA Administrator over ten years ago, Aisling has enjoyed significant career progression over the past decade and has credited Mercury’s supportive leadership and continuous investment in her development as a driving force behind her success.

Click HERE to read Aisling’s full interview.


WORK180 is the UK’s only jobs board that pre-screens employers before they can advertise jobs against a set of criteria including pay equity, flexible working, women in leadership and paid parental leave. WORK180 focus on attracting female job seekers and do so by approving employers with a genuine commitment to supporting women at work, making it easy for job seekers to find the UK’s best workplaces.



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