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Mercury commits to eliminating gender pay gap
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  4th Mar, 2021  /  News, Announcements & Press

Mercury’s CEO Eoin Vaughan, recently made an announcement that Mercury is committed to eliminating its gender pay gap. Read the full message below:

“I am delighted to announce that Mercury has reached a major milestone in our journey towards gender equality and inclusion.

“Just over a year ago, we started implementing a solid compensation structure consisting of processes and a salary grade framework to ensure fairness and inclusiveness in the way we evaluated and rewarded all employees. This journey has taken us on the transformation of our Human Resources (HR) function and a greater commitment than ever before towards Diversity & Inclusion.

“What has also been instrumental to achieving this goal however, is our digital transformation along with our continued commitment to our people and their development. Mercury’s adoption of data analytics gives us the information we need to see the bigger picture, enabling us to provide our people with a positive working environment that promotes their success and advancement.

“This year, through the use of data analytics, we identified a gender pay gap which has now been significantly reduced to 6.3%. We still have work to do and over the coming months through following our Beyond50 Strategy, combined with internal promotions and strategic senior hires, we are committed to eliminating our gender pay-gap by eliminating it entirely.

“Mercury is a place where we want and encourage everyone to thrive and reach their full potential. We want more women in our company and most importantly we’re committed to always ensuring fairness and equality for all of our employees. Construction in particular needs more women to maintain a sustainable future. As industry leaders, it’s our duty to address any gender imbalance by inspiring the women in our industries and encouraging more women to choose a career in the sector.

“We currently have multiple open vacancies that we’d welcome and encourage all suitable and qualified candidates to apply to”.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Mercury, our drive towards diversity & inclusion is one of the key driving factors behind our winning culture.

We have put in place a Diversity & Inclusion Policy that is driven by our Executive Management Team. Diversity & Inclusion is woven into the fabric of the vision and values of Mercury, not only through our culture, but through the entire life cycle of the employee experience.



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