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Mercury celebrates 12 years no LTI pharma
Photographed left to right: Mercury’s Frank Dempsey, Wes Foran, Martin Mooney, Charlie O Donnell and Rory O Connor. 
Mercury TSS & Fire Protection celebrate 12 years without LTI at Dublin pharma plant
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  8th Jul, 2020  /  News, Projects

Mercury’s TSS & Fire Protection teams recently achieved 12 years without a Lost-Time Injury (LTI) on a large biotechnology plant in Dublin, Ireland. Mercury has had a presence on the facility since its initial construction in 2000, at the time one of Europe’s largest construction projects. Since the completion of construction, Mercury has remained on site and continued to provide ongoing maintenance and sustaining works, supporting the client’s operations team.

Our team comprises Electrical and Instrumentation staff, ranging between 12 to 30+ depending on what projects are currently ongoing. In addition, Mercury’s teams have provided Fire Alarm, ICT and Fire Protection services on the campus. During this time, Mercury has been involved in a large number of projects along with continuing to provide maintenance and sustaining works services.

Mercury’s TSS team are also currently involved with the client to deliver a lighting upgrade project to LED luminaries as part of the ESB’s Sustainability Programme which we hope will be ultimately rolled out Campus-wide. This is just one example of the project work we carry out on an ongoing basis.

Our primary function on this project is to carry out all sustaining works for the client and our team, with Electrical services led by Martin Mooney and Rory O’Connor, ICT services led by Wes Foran, Frank Dempsey managing Fire Alarm services and Charlie O’Donnell looking after Fire Protection services. Danny Kelly, Operations Manager for TSS, leads many of the operations on this campus. Martin, Frank, Charlie and Danny were all involved in the initial construction phase in the early 2000’s and have remained actively involved to the present day.

Mercury EHS

We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of Health & Safety. Safety is embedded in our DNA, it is the Mercury way – from design to construction, commissioning and handover – our safety processes ensure adequate coordination and communication to enable our projects to be constructed safely. Our team understand that by sticking to the safe coordinated plan we can guarantee that our team get home safely to their families at the end of every day.

Safety is personal and our team intervene proactively to ensure compliance day by day and hour by hour. We respect our workforce and they respect our management as an integrated team with a common goal – to get home safe each day. Through our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) policies and procedures, we ensure an industry leading project delivery every time and most importantly – the safety and wellbeing of all our employees.


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