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Mercury CEO & Senior Management Team Talks
Mercury CEO & Senior Management host virtual Team Talks
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  22nd May, 2020  /  News, Responsible Business

Recently Mercury’s CEO Eoin Vaughan and members of our Senior Management participated in five Virtual Team Talks through Microsoft Teams for our global staff across over 10 countries. Over 500 Mercury personnel attended the talks live and participated in the Q&A session which followed, with everyone having access to watch on repeat if they were unable to attend live. While we are physically apart during the pandemic, we are still able to work together to achieve incredible things.

The Management team outlined the current challenges and opportunities for Mercury and its clients as we work through Covid-19 as well as outlining the direction we will take over the coming months as we move towards ‘the new normal’. They also spoke on the difficulties that many are facing due to the temporary decisions affecting employment and restriction of movement leading to less face to face interaction with many employees unable to see their friends & family throughout the pandemic. Eoin reminded our teams that social distancing does not mean social disconnection.

With many of Mercury’s staff working abroad to support our clients in delivering projects and many at home unable to work in their normal work environment, Eoin spoke of his own experience during his time as General Manager of Mercury’s Polish Business Unit and his challenges of being remote and isolated from family and friends. Mercury’s management also reminded our staff of Mercury’s various wellbeing initiatives and in particular, the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which is a free confidential counselling service available to everyone, which is now more important than ever during this difficult time.


At Mercury, we recognise the diversity of the different regions and industries in which we work and adapt our working practices to accommodate those differences accordingly. Our success in recent years has led to continuous growth, new opportunities and expansion into brave new territories and markets.

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