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Mercury is part of ‘DC’s for Bees’ 2019
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  24th Oct, 2019  /  News, Responsible Business

Mercury is part of DC’s for Bees, an industry initiative, developed by Host In Ireland with a key mission to help save Ireland’s declining bee population. As an leading voice in the European Data Centre industry, Mercury, along with many of its industry colleagues, have come together to make a difference, equipped with all the tools we need to educate, advocate, create awareness and take action. 

Bees in Ireland

Of the 98 species of bee in Ireland, almost one third are threatened with extinction.  The decline is escalating in some species, in particular, the bumblebee, set to decline by 90% by 2050. Given the fact that bee pollination alone contributes to 70% of the worlds food source, we have every right to be concerned. The success of our species depends on the future success of our bees.

DC’s for Bees

We are proud to be part of the first industry initiative to come together even with our competitors to take meaningful action. Not only is it the right thing to do, but we also want to inspire other industries to take action and be a part of the solution. Host In Ireland have brought an industry together in a way that has never been done before and created an awareness far beyond what one company alone could do, with a meaningful project that individual companies can supplement and engage with. It acts as a blueprint that we and other companies can share with our global offices, partners, customers and communities. 

Working alongside two of Ireland’s most reputable bodies, The Native Woodland Trust and The National Biodiversity Data Centre, our partners at Host In Ireland have developed an exciting and powerful two-phased approach to tackling the worrying decline in bee populations. Launching the project, over 100 people across 19 companies partnered with Host In Ireland, will come together on October 25th to participate in the planting of 2000 indigenous trees, across over 2 acres in the beautiful landscape of Laragh in Co Wicklow, owned and managed by the Native Woodland Trust and under their careful guide. This will grow and develop into a biodiverse landscape that provides both food and shelter for our yellow and black furry little friends and many other species too. 

But this is just the start.  Working closely with ecologists from the National Biodiversity Data Centre, Host In Ireland will be creating an industry-specific, purpose-built toolkit for our industry, to make lasting and sustainable changes, whether it’s a small company operating locally, to a large multibillion-dollar business operating on multiple sites, there will be steps to promote biodiversity options for every type of operation. The overarching goal is the long term positive impact on the environment, collectively driven by the people in this industry who want to make a difference. 

We are proud to be part of this initiative and invite anyone who has any questions, would like to participate, get involved in any capacity or give feedback and suggestions – to get in touch directly with Host In Ireland here. More information can be found about DC’s for Bees here.

CSR at Mercury

We believe you have to be brave to achieve incredible things. We support initiatives to support the future sustainability of our planet across all regions in which we operate.

We foster a Mercury culture of caring – about quality, about safety and about community. We’re determined to make a positive contribution to all the communities in which we operate through our daily operations – to our employees, to our business partners and to society in general.



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