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Mercury delivers digitally on safety
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  3rd Sep, 2019  /  News, Environmental, Health & Safety

Mercury has completed multiple in-house expert led training sessions across the group in August 2019 as part of its CPD and continuous improvement programmes. The sessions have made extensive use of Mercury’s arsenal of digital solutions and have been held as webinars, allowing our teams across Europe to access from their various projects and offices.

The webinars, which are guided by Mercury’s industry leading safety policies & procedures and industry best practice, covered three main areas.

Temporary works design: ownership, accountability & coordination.

Temporary works management is a process that has previously been defined via BS5975 and other local regulatory guidance, dependent on the country where the works are being completed. Mercury utilises BS5975 as its baseline and revise to incorporate local guidance where available and practical.

“The coordination of temporary works as a General Contractor and Principal Designer was discussed in detail and the clarity provided via our ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)’ created the conditions for an excellent Q&A workshop with our team. Clarity and simplicity of process and communication leads to compliance and success, says Michael O Connor (MBS EHS, PSDP, CDM coordinator, PD, PC), Group EHS Manager at Mercury.

Collaboration & HRA coordination

Mercury’s collaboration methodology is recognised as best in class across Europe. The process has continuously improved and the addition of identified high-risk activities (HRAs) and high-risk unwanted conditions (HRUCs) has aligned with our collaboration flow for long lead items.

Mercury’s rolling 4-week, 2-week, weekly and daily coordination is a process that combines logistics, EHS & permit access and HRA identification and coordination to achieve our stated aim of getting all our personnel home safe daily while achieving world class safety, quality and productivity performance on all Mercury projects.

The webinar was exceptionally well received and ongoing workshops are being completed throughout Mercury’s projects across Europe to continuously improve our process.

Safety & Digital Transformation: BIM 360 Rollout

Mercury’s successful rollout of Autodesk BIM 360 has provided an excellent platform for increased opportunities for proactive interventions based on the published analytics obtained through the solution.

A webinar held in August communicated Mercury’s commitment to using the programme, the opportunities available, the content and accessibility options and most importantly: the visibility of our team to raw real time data from each project across the group.

All projects safety compliance is measured in real time with immediate actions arising designated to owners with formal closure recorded for visibility both at project and group level. Mercury firmly believes that the use of BIM 360 will enable earlier interventions on trending issues that will now be identified and resolved earlier thereby reducing accidents and incident further.


At Mercury, we appreciate that we’re only as good as our last job. This dedication to the highest quality and safety standards keeps us pushing forward, never complacent but driven to make it happen no matter what lies ahead. It’s our delivery, training and processes that make The Mercury Way. People want to work with us because they know, using the most up to date technology and innovative methods, we’ll always deliver better, faster and smarter for our clients with the highest attention paid to safety and quality.




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