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Fire Protection Recognises Safety Achievements

Mercury Fire Protection Recognises Outstanding Safety Achievements

Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  23rd May, 2019  /  Environmental, Health & Safety

Mercury is delighted to announce that its Fire Protection business unit has recently achieved a number of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) milestones. This is demonstrated by the continuous very low level of incidents and accidents along with a multi-year EHS performance without a single Lost Time Injury (LTI) or reportable injury.

Safety recognition from Project Managers, PSCS and General Contractors has been received across numerous projects for this outstanding commitment to Health & Safety, most recently demonstrated on a very large pharmaceutical project in Dublin where a joint venture project manager commended the Fire Protection project team on achieving major milestones regarding sprinkler testing, install quality and the overall ongoing high standard of site safety (Please see photographed above).

Another major positive consequence which arose from this recent accolade was the recognition from the project managers of an individual employee who identified an unsafe working environment on site which had the potential for serious personnel injury. The individual adopted Mercury’s “Find It, Fix It” policy and personally made the area safe and only then reported it to a supervisor, documented it and submitted a Project SOR (Safety Observation Report). This led to the individual receiving an individual award for SOR of the Week from the PSCS. The Mercury Contracts Manager received the award on behalf of the individual (pictured above).

Fire Protection

Mercury’s Fire Protection business unit has been a world leader in the field of Fire Protection services for over 40 years. As the largest Fire Protection Company in Ireland and to date, the team has also completed multiple projects across 14 different countries. Mercury’s success can be attributed to a very high level of advanced planning, innovative design, offsite fabrication and the dedication and flexibility of its highly motivated team. The Fire Protection BUs results and statistics clearly demonstrate the enormous number of successfully completed projects with not only exemplary safety records but completed on programme to the highest level of design and quality in accordance with local and international standards.

The Mercury Fire Protection Team operate across many different sectors including Data, Semi-Conductor, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Public Services, Food & Beverage and holds international accreditation for water based, gas and fire detection systems

In addition to completing major projects from the enquiry stage through to planning, design, installation and commissioning, Mercury’s Fire Protection team also offer a 24/7 Maintenance and Emergency Call Out-Service to all its customers which is also carried out to the highest professional and Safety Standards as defined in “The Mercury Way”. For more information on Mercury’s Fire Protection services, click here.



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