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Life Sciences & Technology delivering world-class safety performance
Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  17th May, 2019  /  Environmental, Health & Safety

Mercury’s Life Science & Technology business unit has enjoyed an exceptional start to the 2019 year with zero lost time incidents recorded for 333,220 project-hours worked on all active projects within the business unit.  Whilst reviewing lessons learned from previous incidents, one of the main root causes was identified as deviations from agreed tasks due to either inadequate pre-planning or a failure to reassess works when faced with an unforeseen issue.

EHS Sector Manager for Life Sciences & Technology, Denis O’Sullivan stated “Mercury’s Life Sciences & Technology business unit ensure that safety is ingrained in its project culture and is seen as everybody’s responsibility – personal ownership of safety is a key value within Life Sciences & Technology and Mercury overall. We expect our Management and Supervision to be the role models and key drivers for safety throughout the life cycle of our projects and we aim to provide them with the skills and support necessary to achieve this”.

In order to achieve our world-class Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) standards, our leadership took a multi-faceted approach in addressing the safety culture which comprised the below.

  1. We adopt a ‘one team’ approach for all direct hires and sub-contractors so as to ensure that there is one cohesive message
  2. Daily QEHSPA audits have been introduced to ensure they are live task specific documents and making a difference to safety while also preventing potential ITPs and deviations. Active coaching is carried out in the field with crews where issues with the QEHSPAs are found and all actions are agreed with the crews and closed out in a timely manner.
  3. Increased focus has been placed on Safety Management by Walking Around (SMBWA) Audits where members of the senior management team are tasked with completing an audit with a supervisor and reporting their finding back to EHS for action.
  4. A safety violations log was formed for any safety violations observed in the field, where a violation has been discovered. The employees Supervisors name is also recorded and tracked on the violations log.


The information gathered from these audits along with logs along with the details of any incidents which may have occurred in the previous week form the basis of our weekly site supervisors’ meetings.  This ensures that each meeting has a set clear agenda and is an open forum where the weekly trending stats & issues are discussed and lessons learned are agreed and implemented by all.

Our QEHS Standards

Mercury rigorously implement its QEHS policies and procedures to ensure industry leading project delivery and most importantly, the safety and well being of all its employees.


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