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Mercury innovate with interactive whiteboard to deliver for clients

Mercury innovate with interactive whiteboard to deliver for clients

Author: Evan O'Quigley  /  7th May, 2019  /  Design, Quality & Innovation

At Mercury, we’re always looking out for new innovative ways of getting work for our clients done – better, faster and smarter. One of our newest initiatives is the use of a state-of-the-art digital interactive whiteboard tool created by our partners in DataScope Systems Ltd in our Collaborative Planning meetings on one of our Amsterdam Data Centre sites.

The interactive whiteboard enables us to plan each project activity, by allowing users to assign task to specific locations on site, specify the duration of activities and confirm the applicable ‘high-risks’ associated with a given activity (HRA). Exclusion zones specific to the work location are also included to make work areas easily identifiable and in doing so this alleviates risk of work clashes between contractors. With the inclusion of a series of drawings pertinant to the project e.g. floor plans, permit to dig areas and logistic plans, the interactive board provides an over-view of all the significant activities on the project. All information added to the board is updated in real-time and shared via email with all relevant parties.

We believe that real innovation happens if you’re willing to be brave and dynamic. As our projects continue to become more complex and larger in scale, we consistently ensure that we deliver for our clients by comprehensive planning, updating our processes and making use of the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge solutions. No matter the client or sector, we always deliver.

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Our Hyperscale Data Centres team are focused on maintaining strong, long term relationships with our key clients in the Hyperscale Data Centre sector. We are proud to boast an internationally mobile project delivery team who have time and time again represented the company in a prestigious manner both in the Irish market and abroad. It is their dedication to going above and beyond for our clients that is the true driving force behind our success in this business.

Complex engineering is our core business; we work with our clients to jointly deliver our projects and provide full transparency into all activities.

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